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"The WAYZ of Oneness"
Helping to Navigate Life

(conceived under the blanket of a global pandemic)

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                The Coronavirus of 2020 affected our entire global population. This unprecedented Global Pandemic left society wondering how to navigate through such uncertainty. Spiritual Author and Singer-Songwriter Danny Rongo, also known as ‘That Oneness Guy’ addressed the WAYZ in which to navigate through that uncertainty, along with all that we face in life with his latest book of Oneness:


“The WAYZ of Oneness” Helping to Navigate Life

(Conceived under the blanket of a Global Pandemic)


                From the imposed isolation, Danny knew which specific features of Oneness he would need to find his own way through the challenges of the Coronavirus. As he considered the many WAYZ that Oneness could help him when facing a pandemic, he found himself considering the many WAYZ that Oneness, if used as a navigational tool, could help our lives in general.


The WAYZ of Oneness addresses the most important aspects of life. The book shows specifically how to navigate through:

Love, Hatred, Death, Fear, Ego, Health, Energy,

Duality, Money, Family, Choices, Purpose, Crisis.


                Along with the pandemic as the backdrop for inspiration, Danny also drew upon the inspiring thoughts of noted spiritual authors and messengers as well. Danny selected specific insight from the likes of; Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, and the Spirit Guide ‘Abraham’ (via Esther Hicks) to also help us as we use The WAYZ of Oneness to Navigate Life.

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