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2019 Global Oneness Day

Why Global Oneness Day?

While the realization that everything and everyone on our planet is deeply connected has been growing ever since the late 1960s, the dominant religious, political and cultural institutions in our society are still operating from a foundation of separation.

The exclusive focus on “us” as separate from “them” and “me” as separate from “you,” is without question the root cause of many of the escalating challenges we now face, both as individuals and as a species.

This means that if we want to create a sustainable global society, nothing is more important than changing this outdated way of thinking.

To help accomplish this, Global Oneness Day was created as way to call attention to and celebrate the fundamental interconnectedness of all people and all of life.

It’s an opportunity to join dozens of luminaries and thousands of participants in the exploration of Oneness and the ways it is being applied to create positive change and draw humanity back from the self-destructive paths we’ve been pursuing for far too long.

How Global Oneness Day Began

The creation of Global Oneness day began as a simple petition drive by Humanity’s Team in 2008.

Members of Humanity’s Team created a petition with the goal of obtaining 50,000 signatures that could be delivered to the United Nations (U.N.) with a request that the U.N. support the focus on awakening Oneness.

When Humanity’s Team approached the U.N. in May 2010, over 52,000 signatures had been obtained from more than 150 countries.

When members of the Global Council for Humanity’s Team met with the U.N., the Oneness petition signatures and supporting material were presented, and we requested the U.N. consider acting on the petition and create a Global Oneness Day that could be celebrated around the world.

Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury, who hosted the Humanity’s Team Global Council on behalf of the United Nations, graciously thanked the group for coming and spoke about the mission, vision and purpose of the United Nations including its focus on solidarity.

He said, “Until there is a sense of solidarity among the peoples of the world, all of our efforts for peace and security will go nowhere.”

Ambassador Chowdhury instructed us that it would take so long for the United Nations to discuss the matter that he invited us to create this Global Oneness Day ourselves in the meantime and return to the U.N. once it was established and we had more signatures.

In July of 2010, the Humanity’s Team Global Council discussed the U.N. meeting and decided to create an official Global Oneness Day on United Nations Day, October 24th. United Nations Day and Global Oneness Day share common visions for a compassionate and sustainable world.

The first Global Oneness Day was celebrated on October 24th, 2010, when a thousand people from around the world celebrated with an inspiring global phone call, while others around the globe celebrated with community events, drum circles, service events and performances.

In the years that followed, Global Oneness Day grew in its scope and activities. In 2011, in Fort Collins, Colorado, there were speakers, musicians and entertainers, all focused on Oneness. There were classroom activities, outreach with the homeless, youth programs, and above all, signings of the Oneness Declaration. Global Oneness Day events also took place in Canada, England, France, Portugal, Argentina, Columbia, South Africa, and many other countries.

In 2013, Global Oneness Day dawned in Australia, with live-streaming footage of the first country to officially celebrate our Oneness that day. Momentum spread all over the world as the sun touched each country in turn.

In 2014, tens of thousands celebrated Global Oneness Day across our planet. Over fifty thousand signed up to attend the Global Oneness Day Summit, countless Oneness walks, and the Global Rhythm Circle events that broke all previous years’ records.

In 2016 our outreach expanded and Global Oneness Day was celebrated in 150 Countries with over a hundred thousand participants.

2017 Global Oneness Day was hosted on video for the first time with 160,000 people celebrating with us from over 150 countries around the Globe.

Nearly 100,000 signatures have been collected for the Oneness Declaration. Once the 100,000 signatures benchmark is achieved, Humanity’s Team will once again approach the U.N. and seek its endorsement.

The impact Global Oneness Day has had so far is immeasurable. Every movement begins by taking into the streets a message that has only been spoken of in hushed voices behind closed doors. Our Oneness is a timeless, ancient truth that has been marginalized over the millennia when it should instead be shouted from the rooftops each night as a reminder to us all.

On Global Oneness Day, Humanity’s Team invites everyone who believes in this message to take it out into the streets and to the rooftops for at least this one day, to remind ourselves and others how deeply connected we truly are.

Whether you volunteer your time at a homeless shelter or an orphanage, throw a Oneness party for your friends and colleagues, or whatever else you decide to do to celebrate our Oneness in the days that precede and follow Global Oneness Day, we encourage you to speak this universal truth without fear everywhere you go. Invite others to feel into the Oneness with you, and to celebrate Oneness in whatever way they are inspired to.

This movement is far from just beginning. More people around the globe are awakening to Oneness every day. During a recent trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Pope Francis said this:

“Everybody, according to his or her particular opportunities and responsibilities, should be able to make a personal contribution to putting an end to so many social injustices. The Brazilian people, particularly the humblest among you, can offer the world a valuable lesson in solidarity, a word that is too often forgotten or silenced, because it is uncomfortable. I would like to make an appeal to those in possession of greater resources, to public authorities and to all people of good will who are working for social justice. Never tire of working for a more just world, marked by greater solidarity! No one can remain insensitive to the inequalities that persist in the world!

The culture of selfishness and individualism that often prevails in our society is not what leads to a more habitable world. It’s the culture of solidarity that does so, seeing others not as rivals or statistics, but brothers and sisters.”

The words of Pope Francis are about this same truth of our Oneness. They illustrate that when we awaken to Oneness and begin to see the sacredness in all of life, it is impossible to judge or marginalize people. When life is sacred, no one can be taken for granted or left behind.

You can help to achieve this goal by celebrating Global Oneness Day in ways that feel authentic for you. Sign and share the Oneness Declaration and encourage others to sign it , too. Urge others to discuss Oneness more openly in their community, at the grocery checkout, at home, in church, at school, and at work. Our Oneness is a reality, and it’s time to carry this timeless truth with us into the light of each and every day.

We hope you’ll join us on Global Oneness Day 2019.

Please visit From there, you can sign up to attend over a dozen programs that will engage in heart-opening conversations with inspiring spiritual leaders from around the globe. These programs are available at no cost as part of our celebration of Global Oneness Day 2019.

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