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90 Minute 'Cellphone FREE' Challenge

Hello, my friends in Oneness,

I feel the need to put a 'challenge' out there. And before I get into the specifics, let me say that this challenge is for me, as much as it is for you. If you don't admit to an addiction to your cellphone, you're flat-out lying. To some degree, we are all fixated by this device that unfortunately is taking control of our lives. Everywhere we go, all we see are individuals looking at their phones. Walking, talking, sitting, eating, exercising, watching tv, going to the bathroom (come on now, you've done it!) and worst of all, driving! If you can take a step back and honestly look at what it's doing to society, it's downright scary!

So, I want to share something that has worked for me for some time now. In fact, I've been working on expanding it, but for now, I thought it was simple enough to share as is. By using the 'Cellphone FREE' times that I'm going to discuss, I've been adding 90 minutes back to my life. That's 90 minutes of quality 'me' time that in prior days I would waste looking at bullshit. Yes, bullshit. Again folks, let's not kid ourselves. Most of what you look at your phone for is mindless, stupid, bullshit.

Here's how this works:

1. 30 minutes after waking up: Most of us go IMMEDIATELY to our phones upon waking up. Why? I say because most of us are addicted to the aforementioned bullshit, but let's say it's for some other reason. Whatever it is, IT CAN WAIT. Take these first 30 minutes to get reacquainted with your body, and your life. Breathe. This is the best time to meditate if you can. Quiet your mind. Set your intentions for the day. Stretch. Maybe do a quick yoga routine. Go outside if you can. If you can't, look out a window. Say hello to the world. To YOUR WORLD. Remembering that you are in control and that YOU will decide how this day is going to go. Before you know it, your 30 minutes will be long gone, and if you're like me you'll be longing for more than 30 minutes of cellphone free time! 2. 30 minutes during dinner: It amazes me that this even has to be discussed. But if you find the need to stare at your phone during dinner, STOP. I guess that people who eat alone have more of a case here, so let's address them first. Focus on your body. Feel blessed to be providing nutrition to the magnificent machine that your body is. Enjoy the food. Know that by placing your attention on what and how you're eating, you're allowing your body to work accordingly. There are no mixed signals from you otherwise reading something on your cellphone (again, bullshit). And to those who have the blessing to be sharing their dinner with a spouse, a family, or friends, I say COME ON! REALLY? Do you really have nothing to say to the person you're dining with? Has the art of conversation left you completely? Geez, I hope not. First and foremost, enjoy the blessing of having someone to share a meal with. You know how your day went, so ask about their day. Let's bring back the art of conversation! And (and this is a HUGE 'and'), if you have children eating with you, PLEASE don't allow them to use their phones during dinner. It's only hurting them in the long run. 3. 30 minutes before bed: If I had to dub one of these as 'the most important', it's this one. After our long and hectic days, it is paramount to quiet the mind, and 'shut it down' as they say. Take the last 30 minutes of your day to enjoy the quiet. Your mind will most definitely thank you. We all entertain more than 6,000 thoughts during any given day. I think by day's end, that's quite enough, don't you? Chances are by the end of your day, there's nothing left that can't wait until tomorrow anyway, so TURN OFF THE PHONE. This is another great time to meditate if you do. If not, I found what works just as well for me is to lay in bed and just focus on your breath. Take a deep breath in, hold it for a few seconds and let it go. This is a great way to release any and all remaining stress that you may be holding on to. I also like to set intentions for a great night's sleep, and for a happy, healthy, and prosperous day to come.

So, there it is my friends. My '90 Minute Cellphone FREE Challenge'. Think about it. Only 3 times a day! And these are the 3 easiest times of our days if you ask me. You wake up. Chill. You're having dinner. Chill, (and eat). You're going to bed. Chill.

Let me know how this works for you. I can guarantee that before long (like me) you'll be adding more Cellphone FREE time to your day!

In Oneness,

That Oneness Guy

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