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"A Modern Day Warrior Mean, Mean Stride"

Hello, my friends in Oneness,

With today being Thursday, April 13, 2023, and now six weeks removed from my last radiation treatment, I figured I'd share a Healing Update. By the way, how's the caricature drawing? I came across it and figured, why not? It was drawn by an artist at a fundraiser I performed at back in 2012. I think it's pretty realistic!

Well, the healing journey is moving along albeit slowly, if you asked me 'Impatient Dan'. Recently, I've been experiencing some signs of healing. Most of them have been regarding my strength (with thanks to my brother Frankie for training me throughout my ordeal). But as it pertains to the big ticket items (the continued use of a suction device, and a feeding tube), I have experienced very little improvements to date as I still need them both. My doctors continue to tell me that I'm doing very well and that this is all to be expected. My throat is still reacting to the bombardment of radiation it took from 35 treatments by producing excessive saliva, and because my throat is very raw and sore, I still cannot swallow foods and liquids, ergo the need for the feeding tube. So, this I know. But...

When does it stop?

When will I be free and clear from the suction device that has become such a part of the life Andrea and I lead? It is part of the furniture (literally). And when will I finally be able to have the feeding tube removed and once again eat solid food normally? Yes! These are the two biggest questions I've been asking myself every single day and night. The results from a CT scan I had a few weeks showed very good results. The tumors within my head and neck are all but completely gone. So, what's the delay? Well, it seems as though the healing process can take anywhere from three to six months after treatments from what doctors tell me!

WHOA!, But I've gone 3 months without solid food!

Yeah, it astounds me just to type that fact! Do you know how bad I want to eat? Trying to maintain my faith has been very challenging for me. I know that I'll regain my health again, and with that the ability to eat one day. But damn, when? I'm still only 150lbs, and the food that I do ingest daily via the feeding tube only provides about 2000 calories a day for me, so I won't be gaining weight any time soon. (with that said, I'm due for another 'meal', so I need to take a break and hook myself up. stand by)

Sorry to keep you waiting

This is my point as it is now Friday, April 14 and I'm just getting back to this blog now! Each meal that I consume takes between a half-hour and forty-five minutes. I have to control the drip so I don't get wicked heartburn, which I seem to get anyway. Couple that with my throat and daily exercises, the additional supplements that I need to get in daily, plus the holistic regiments that I've added back to the routine, the days fly by. Healing is quite the full-time job, and although I kind of expected that, it's still intense.

Is 'Thrush' a Rush cover band?

Oh yeah, I recently discovered that I have Thrush in my mouth to boot! If you're not aware, Thrush is a fungal infection that can grow in the mouth, throat or other parts of the body. It's nothing to be too concerned with as it is fairly common, but in my case, it's causing substantial pain in my mouth and throat that I don't need at this point. It is also delaying my healing on so many fronts pissing me off as well. So, now that my healing journey includes Thrush, I feel safe describing myself in the following manner:

"A modern-day warrior mean, mean stride. Today's Tom Sawyer mean, mean pride"

So, this is where I'm at to date. Still struggling, hoping each day to see more signs of healing. Trying to maintain my faith, while curbing my impatient ways. No one ever imagines themselves becoming a cancer patient, and why would you? But if doing so might get you to go for that check-up, or change your diet, I highly advise it. Keep in mind that it's not just your life that's affected, it's most definitely your spouse, partner and families as well. I thank you for your prayers.

In Oneness,


'That Oneness Guy'

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