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A ‘Oneness’ response to ANY pandemic

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Hello, my friends,

By now you’ve most likely found out that you have some ‘downtime’ on your hands to say the least. The school I work at has closed its doors until after Spring break (which is April 13). So, I have a month on my hands. A month to deal with this unprecedented event in any number of ways. I don’t know what your specific situation is like, but I’m sure you have a changed schedule and lifestyle to some degree. So, what do we do?


What I found out initially, as did the rest of the world, is that everyone has an opinion. And when you add in the ‘instantaneous’ effect that the internet provides, we can clearly see why this really became the shit show that it did. Now, I’m not trying to downplay the potential severity of this virus, but I know that the panic level that it has reached is a direct correlation to two things:

  1. The internet/media

  2. Our lack of Oneness

We can all see the effects of the internet/media as this is the only story being transmitted on the airwaves on a 24-7 basis. I mean, I’m a sports fan and I always watch ESPN. And in the mornings when I’m driving to school I listen to ESPN radio, and they’re totally immersed in it as well! There’s no getting away from it! Every TV station has gone Coronavirus 24-7! Well wait, I take that back. Andrea and I found that HGTV and The Food Network have yet to succumb, but I’m not counting them out just yet. And the Facebookers, Instagramers, and Twitterers of the world have added a whole new level of panic by the continued bombardment of alleged information and millions of opinions! YIKES!

Now, as it pertains to Oneness. If you’ve been following along with these blogs, or my podcasts, my book or any of the hundreds of postings I go public with, you know a few things by now. First, we know that in Oneness we practice ‘acceptance’. Acceptance is what allows us to deal with pretty much any pandemic related issue, and anything in general. It’s what gives us a level of calmness especially as we face such uncertainty. We know that this virus, for whatever reasons, isn’t ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ per se, it just IS. Just like with everything in life. That’s why we say that ‘Life just is’. So when we come to that understanding, it immediately puts the brakes on panicking. We also know in Oneness how important our connectedness is to our higher source. God, or what I refer to as ‘STEVLS‘ and for those not aware, that acronym stands for Spirit, Thought, Energy, Vibration, Love, Soul. And we know that our connection represents the foundation for our being here and why. It is from that connection, especially the ‘thought’ part of it that we come to know how very important our thoughts really are. We also repeat what was initially just a Biblical phrase in knowing that ‘we are what we think about’. And as that pertains to this (or any) virus is simple.

If you think that you’re going to get this virus. You will.

We know the importance of monitoring our thoughts because our thoughts do become our reality. So, with the constant bombardment and talk about this virus, it becomes increasingly difficult for it NOT to be at the center of our thoughts. I mean, how can it not be? It has been for me. And I am trying my hardest to remove those thoughts as soon as I get them. And now, like most of us, without my work and with more free time, that will be even more difficult. So when you find yourself thinking about this virus, stop yourself. Change your thought. Keep a ‘go-to’ thought in your back pocket. Either something or someone who makes you laugh. That always seems to work for me. Or just revert to a mantra. Something along the lines of “I am healthy”.

One thing that this virus has helped me to prove regarding Oneness, is the power that a collective consciousness represents. You’ve heard me say that the world is in the shape that it’s in because of our current collective consciousness, which is one of divisiveness. And you’ve heard me say that our only way out of that is to create a stronger collective consciousness. One that has Oneness at its core. Well just look at how our world changed over the past few weeks. We totally blew divisiveness out of the water! We created and manifested a new world consciousness centered around this virus and the fear that it represents. WOW! Do you see how it works? Just get the whole world to think about one specific topic, and look at what happens. It supersedes wars, hatred, divisiveness, separateness and even Trump! (LOL)

Imagine. Just imagine if everyone who has been consciously thinking about this virus thought about Peace.

In Oneness,


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