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Are you Mindful? (Or is your Mind full?)

Hello my friends in Oneness

I'm sitting here watching sixty or so fifth graders playing 'Hunter & Rabbit'. It's Field Day, and this Dodgeball-like game is crazy! This is always one of their favorite games as the kids literally lose their minds over who wins and loses. I'm sharing this with you because, as you see from my definition below, being Mindful is the energy of being awake and alert to the present moment. And these fifth graders are displaying laser-like alertness to this present moment! They're living in, and for the moment, and their minds are not being intruded on by a single thought except winning this game at all costs!

Why can't we have that same level of awareness?

You know the answer. It's because our lives are inundated with an abundance of thoughts about past and future events that cloud our minds. Yes, my friends, it is very safe to say that our Minds are full, and we are not Mindful.

Besides 'Meditation', is there another answer?

Absolutely! But first, let me say that the benefits of meditation will clearly lead you directly to Mindfulness. I just know how difficult meditation can be. Most of which is due to the hectic lives we lead and the incessant thoughts I mentioned earlier. But if we can bust through that most difficult wall, meditation immediately clears the mind and introduces us to the beauty of being Mindful.

The Past and Future do not exist. All we have is RIGHT NOW!

The only other surefire way to experience, and reap the benefits of being Mindful is to 'be awake and alert to the present moment'. To live in the now. Is it easier said than done? Maybe? It depends on how much you ALLOW yourself to retain the baggage in your mind that you don't need. By reiterating any thoughts about past or future events you're locking yourself out of the present moment. And living in the moment is what we're after anyway, right?

Choices, choices, choices

As with everything in life, we are blessed with the gift of being able to make choices. When you sense and feel that your mind is overloaded, and if you can't meditate immediately, CHOOSE to focus on where you are RIGHT NOW, what you're doing, and nothing else. If it seems odd, or boring so what. DO IT! Make a conscious effort (aka CHOICE) to not think of anything else. Breathe and allow yourself to stay within this newfound space of peace and tranquillity. Notice the sudden emptiness. Treat your spirit to the same end result offered through meditation. Will it take some effort? Sure. But minimal at that. Here are the steps once again:

1. STOP all current thoughts.

2. FOCUS on where you are and what you're doing RIGHT NOW!

3. BREATHE and LIVE in that present moment


(And look for me. That's hopefully where I'll be )

OH! and because I have my most anticipated 'first music gig' since my cancer treatments this Thursday, I also wanted to share two of my favorite songs that remind us to live in the now. By Van Halen, and Jason Mraz. Enjoy!

I'm Oneness


'That Oneness Guy'

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