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Consider Changing Your Narrative

Hello, my friends in Oneness,

Well, we're now officially at 10 days and counting until Christmas! I truly hope you're making the necessary efforts to enjoy this time with family and friends. If not, the content of this blog may help with that.

Recently, I've been talking a lot about 'change'. How our lives and the world we live in are constantly changing, and specifically how we are blessed with the innate ability to initiate change through our choices. But what about those who struggle and try mightily to change but don't find what they're hoping for? I'm talking specifically about those individuals (and we all know them), who are tied to a specific lifelong commitment. Here's an example that might ring true in today's climate, those folks that when you hear their name, you might say to yourself "Oh, isn't he the one who hates Biden/Trump?". Those strong-willed folks who never waiver from their position, and whose whole being is tied to what they're fighting for. Well, I want to ask you something.

How's that working out for you so far?

I apologize if that sounds condescending, I don't mean it to. I'm just trying to save you some angst in the hopes that you can make a change, remove some of the stress from your life, and yeah, maybe, just maybe, enjoy the holidays. Why the hell not? This is why I'm saying 'Consider Changing Your Narrative'. Up to this point, you've spent a good amount of time, maybe even years, building what has become your narrative. You've studied. You know your shit. You have spent countless days and nights arguing your points with friends and strangers alike. Many agree with you, some pacify you just to not engage, and some steer clear of you completely. And this is all because of a narrative that you continue to fight for. It's at this time that I think about one of the many famous quotes from my guru Dr. Wayne Dyer when he said:

"Anything you fight weakens you, anything you're 'FOR' empowers you"

By now I'm sure that I've pissed off some readers. "GOOD!" Because if it is change that you're looking for, REAL CHANGE, and if your narrative is coming from what you are 'fighting', your spirit, your essence, does not align with that. You've created and nurtured an inner struggle between yourself, as weird as that may sound. But, if you change your narrative to a position of what you are 'FOR' rather than against, your soul immediately recognizes that because we do not come from a source of fighting, struggling, etc. Here's my example.

I have Stage IV Cancer. I ain't fighting a fucking thing!

People tell me all the time 'Danny, keep fighting. you got this!' I'm fighting nothing! I knew from my initial diagnosis back in 2021, that I would not consider this to be a 'fight', because fighting to any degree would just weaken me, and that I would need all the strength I could find to get beyond this. Instead, I view my journey from the perspective of what I Am FOR. I Am FOR returning my body to its original health. I Am FOR doing whatever it takes to keep my body strong. I Am FOR allowing my body to heal. I Am FOR using all the opportunities that I have at my disposal be it conventional or non-conventional. Do you see the difference? My narrative has been and remains one of WHAT I WANT and what I am for, not one of fighting.

You only have to ask yourself honestly, "Am I happy?", "Is my life going the way I want it to?"

If your answer is 'yes', then keep on trucking! But if it's 'no', then consider changing your narrative. What are you known for? If my earlier example of the dude who hates Biden/Trump struck a chord with you, consider finding something from one of those camps that you can be 'FOR' instead of against. Work it from an angle of positivity as opposed to being negative. Again, you're the one who's looking to change. Whether it be the world or your own life, the opportunity is there and right in front of you. If it's not working out, consider changing your narrative. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. It's your call.

In Oneness,


'That Oneness Guy'

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