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Dealing with Covid (on top of cancer)

Hello my friends in Oneness

This is my first official blog in 2022. I would first like to wish you and yours a very healthy, prosperous, and abundant new year. May you realize all that you intend to manifest!

As you can surmise by the title, my year is starting off rather shitty. Although I don't like to put labels on things, it's been hard not to classify getting Covid, on top of cancer, as shitty. But, having Oneness at the foundation of my life helps me to put things and events into a proper perspective. First, after getting beyond my initial classification of shitty, I reverted immediately back to an element of Oneness that we know as 'acceptance'. Acceptance put me right back on track as I don't have time to dwell within any negative emotions. I am vaccinated, and assumed that I wouldn't have 'full-blown' symptoms, at least I hoped so. Plus, Andrea tested negative so I had the worlds best caregiver by my side. My first call was to my Radical Remission Instructor, John who reminded me that because of the plant-based, high alkaline diet I have been on for four months, my body is very strong. He then told me to boil garlic and basically OD on it! All good points.

My initial symptoms were the basic. I had a wick headache and was very lethargic. But the first night also presented me with a bout of nausea that I wasn't expecting. I wasn't sure if it was a symptom, or the fact that I just ingested the equivalent of 8 cloves of garlic! Surely enough, after a few hours I tried to induce vomiting, but to no avail. Lucky for me though, the dry-heaves proved to take the nauseous feeling away and I was able to sleep. After a much needed 12 hours of sleep, I woke up and felt substantially better by Day 2.

One Covid side effect - 'Sore Throat'

That was four days ago. Whereas I've felt my body heal and get beyond Covid in general over the past four days, there has been one remaining nuisance. I've read that one of the side effects of Covid is a sore throat. Not what someone with Throat Cancer wants to read. The open wound that I have in the back of my throat has become enflamed, and has made swallowing more difficult than it has been. While it remains imperative that I keep my diet in tact, I had to initially switch to more natural juices, teas and water. I've been exercising lightly in our home and staying on top of the other treatments I've been following during my journey. And thankfully, I've been trained by the worlds best caregiver, because as one would believe, Andrea tested positive a few days ago! She had an on-and-off fever for a few days, but she too seems to be getting better. And for the record, although I've been trained by Andrea, I still suck as a caregiver. I'm like Ralph Kramden on the episode of 'The Honeymooners' where Ralph decides to be a better husband and tries to cook and clean for Alice, much to his chagrin.

So, are you dealing with Covid, and cancer too??

When I first went public with my cancer diagnosis a few months ago, I told you that I did for two reasons. First, is that because of Oneness, I truly know what the Power of Prayer can do. And second, because if there is even one person out there who reads my words and finds help, or solace, or peace to any degree from them, then I'm one happy man! My journey, as you now know is one of alternative treatments, remedies as well as a holistic and natural approach to my diet and my life. I can only attest to what I've experienced firsthand along the way, and to date, I know the following:

  • I am as strong and healthy as I've ever been (Covid aside)

  • I have been able to live my life to its fullest (teaching my student, performing as a vocalist, creating podcast episodes, exercising daily, spreading my message of Oneness)

Now, because I chose not to take the 'traditional route' (read: radiation, chemo, et al), I can't speak from experience as to how I would have been, now four months into treatment. But, with that said, I feel pretty assured that I wouldn't feel as good as I do now. And who knows, I could have been so weak from the chemo, that Covid could've killed me.

In Oneness,

That Oneness Guy


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