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Diagnosis - Bad. Prognosis - WORSE!

Hey there, my friends in Oneness!

As you may have noticed by now, this year I plan on spending a lot of time with my new 'Oneness & Wellness' theme and campaign. Aside from podcasts that will be featuring cancer survivors who have cured themselves alternatively, I have created a Facebook Group Page where I am encouraging these alternative survivors to share their stories and successes. Here's the link, check it out:

"Oneness & Wellness Community"

So, let's dive right into the title: 'Diagnosis - Bad. Prognosis - WORSE!'

There's really no mistaking the meaning behind it. It refers to what I've heard personally, and to what millions around the world have also heard, and it goes like this. You're sitting in your doctors office, and he or she hits you with the bad news. Actually, the worst news you've ever heard in your life. The news that you have either cancer or some other life-threatening illness. You immediately go numb as a blanket of fear covers your entire being. Your senses become muffled, especially your hearing as the doctor now sounds like the teacher in Charlie Brown episodes: "Wah, wah....wah, wah, wah"

But wait! The WORST is yet to come!!

Just when you assume that you've heard the worst of it. I mean, really, what can be worse than the diagnosis you just heard? And that is when the doctor gives you his or her prognosis, and this shit, if it wasn't 'real' a few minutes ago, is fucking painfully real now! So, how can the prognosis be worse than the diagnosis? That's easy, and here's where the obvious comes in to play, but first a disclosure: (I am neither condemning nor condoning the Medical Community with what I am about to say. I am simply stating what society pretty much already knows).

Like with so many people around the world who were told they have cancer, my prognosis was also for aggressive radiation and chemotherapy. Now, here's where I don't want to get into the obvious effects that radiation and chemotherapy have on the body, specifically the healthy areas of your body. I want to cut this conversation down to the bare bones. Because we are talking about 'Oneness & Wellness' we have to get to the core of it all. So, here's a quick question for you:

Do you think that radiation and chemotherapy make you feel good?

OK, we're all in agreement. NO, THEY DO NOT! How could they? They're poison. So, with that fact out of the way, does it make any sense to start the most important journey of your life from a premise of not feeling good? Of course not. And from what I've heard and read about, the more treatments of such that you put your body through, the worse you begin to feel. So, even if you believe with all of your heart that these treatments you signed up for will help you, your body is dictating something otherwise. You become REALLY ill. Chances are you weren't this sick when you were diagnosed! And now, as you're attempting to combat this most serious health issue, you're weak, sick and staring down a rabbit hole of more to come.

How can we face our life's toughest battle when we are weak and sick?

I guess we can? But it makes things really difficult, don't you agree? And that's the point that I want to make with this blog. I can only speak from what I've experienced up to this point of my journey. For the record, I am now six months into my alternative, natural and holistic recovery. I remain as strong and healthy as I've ever been. I have never felt sick, nauseous or otherwise. I haven't missed any days at work (unless I had an appointment with one of my specialists), and I've still been performing as a vocalist (I'm about to leave for a show in a few hours), and I've maintained my podcast (which also involves my throat). Would I have been able to make these claims if I took the traditional route? I seriously doubt it! Now, to be fair and to play 'devil's advocate', could I have potentially been closer to 'cancer free' if I took that traditional route? Maybe. But, I'll never know. All I know is that I've never felt weak, or sick so far. One of the earliest, and most memorable quotes I've heard from my guru Dr. Wayne Dyer was this:

"What's more important. What you know, or how you feel?

Try taking an important test when you don't feel good."

Everything becomes so much more difficult when we don't feel good. But we all have choices to make. There are always options. Educate yourself. Take control of YOUR life. Take control of YOUR health. Of YOUR body. And do whatever it takes to feel good!

In Oneness,


'That Oneness Guy'

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