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Expecting a Miracle (day 1)

Hello, my friends in Oneness,

Today I will be traveling down yet another road on my journey of recovering from cancer. It's a very specific road and one that I want to share with you through this blog. You see, it's a 7-week program that has been implemented by my team at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC, specifically Dr. David Pfister who is the Chief of Head and Neck Oncology.

The program starts today, January 9, 2023, and runs through February 27, 2023. In that time I am to receive 35 treatments, which include radiation 5-days a week, and chemotherapy 1-day a week. I am officially on a 'Family Medical Leave of Absence' (FMLA) from the Board of Education that I am employed with, so for the foreseeable future, this is all that I am focusing upon.

I got to this point because, although the clinical trial and immunotherapy treatments I have been receiving since May have worked to keep the cancer in my bones 'stable' and calcifying to a degree, its effectiveness on tumors within my head and neck have begun to wane. This will all be new to me, as until today, I have never received radiation, or chemo. I've spoken to fellow cancer patients who have shared their stories, so I kind of know what to expect, although I do know that 'everyone responds differently'.

My objective with this specific series of blogs I'll be posting throughout this ordeal is two-fold. First, writing has always helped me with my feelings and emotions. I know that sharing my experience over the next 34 installments will be paramount to my recovery. I actually thought about recording episodes for my podcast, but talking is difficult for me right now, and the word is that it might get tougher. Secondly, I'm hoping that my story might inspire someone else to join in on the conversation. Speaking with the friends who have been so kind to share their stories with me has been such a blessing. If I could offer that kind of comfort to someone else, I would welcome it with open arms.

So, for now, I still have a few hours before my first treatment. They have all been scheduled after 4pm EST, so I have time for my daily 'to-do' list that includes: eating, drinking water, walking, yoga, meditating, my throat exercises, sharing Oneness, and writing this blog. Tomorrow I'll be sharing the experience of my first treatment. Until then, here is a headshot of the 158lb dude you know as 'That Oneness Guy' (yes, that lymph node is just part of what throat cancer looks like). And, by the way, yes I am expecting a miracle. The picture above was taken one morning right in front of my school. That's my left hand you see catching the rainbow!

In Oneness,


'That Oneness Guy'

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1 Comment

Entertainers Plus
Entertainers Plus
Jan 16, 2023

God bless Danny!

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