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Expecting a Miracle (Day 2)

Tuesday, January 10, 2023 (Day 2)

Hello, again my friends in Oneness,

Well, yesterday was an experience. Having my first radiation treatment was different, to say the least. For those who know, the 'mask' that they place on my head made me think of Hanibal Lecter in 'The Silence of the Lamb'. It's tight as all hell and gets bolted into place so my head cannot move. The concern that I had was that due to my pre-existing condition of the trapped mucus stuck in my head for months now would cause me to feel like I have to spit, or swallow (as gross as that sounds, sorry). Fortunately for me, it did not and I was able to close my eyes and let this massive machine do its work. Oh!, the coolest thing about the procedure was that they asked me what music I wanted to hear on Spotify. They asked who my favorite artist is, and I unabashedly said: "Danny Rongo" (for those not aware, that is me!). So, my first radiation treatment was highlighted by my songs being played in the background! Pretty cool, I thought! And if you feel so inclined, here's the link to my Spotify page for your listening pleasure!

So, I got home around 8pm. Andrea and I assumed our position on the couch for our nightly ritual (watching 'Heartland' on Netflix). What I started to notice, was a 'face-ache'. Not a headache mind you, but my face, especially around my eyes started feeling pressure and slight pain. With that said, after a few episodes, we found our way to bed. I had a shitty night's sleep, as I woke up around 3am choking and spitting up phlegm (again, apologies). After that, it was tough falling back to sleep as I couldn't stop choking, etc. By the time I rolled out of bed this morning, I felt pretty shitty. This was not how I wanted to feel after only my first treatment! But, I knew that it was mainly because I am still dealing with a head full of congestion. So, after some tea and cream of white, Andrea told me to go out and get some cold, fresh air which I did. Just walking around the block a few times did me the world of good. Plus, I had an impromptu Facetime call from 'Coach Frankie' (my brother), which always helps immensely.

Which leads me to right here and now. It's noon, Andrea's making me some lunch, and I'll be heading back to MSK for my first chemo treatment, coupled with another round of radiation, and visits with my oncology team and tests. Going forward, Tuesdays will be my longest days at the facility. Usually three to four hours.

Thanks again for your support. I'll check back in tomorrow.

In Oneness,

Danny 'That Oneness Guy'

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