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Expecting a Miracle (Day 6)

Tuesday, January 17, 2023 (Day 6)

So, what did yours truly experience over the past three days? I'm hesitant to put it down here in words because a lot of it is gross. Full disclosure, you may not want to continue reading, but as I referenced in my first installment, writing helps me to heal, so here goes.

I had my first real dose of side effects. First, and definitely the most cumbersome is the spitting. I spit non-stop 24-7 (no, I am not kidding. all day, and all night). This disgusting act in it of itself makes me nauseous. Even though I use specific wedge pillows, sleeping has become a distant memory as I have to spit continuously through the night as well. My heart breaks for my dear Andrea as she comforts me and tries her best to sleep. The anti-nausea pills have worked in regards to squelching nausea, but the constant, annoying, and the very disgusting ritual continues (again, my apologies).

Swallowing has become more difficult recently as well. It now feels like I have a small-sized grape stuck in the back of my throat, that inhibits what I drink and or attempt to eat. And to make matters worse, while I can still taste food as I'm chewing it, when I begin to swallow it, it mixes with the disgusting-tasting saliva as I try to get down passed the aforementioned small-sized grape! Just lovely, huh?

Over the past three days, my energy has been the lowest it's ever been. I've been weak and had a bout of constipation, followed by diarrhea. I fully realize that I am not eating and drinking nearly enough. I am struggling both emotionally and physically, but on a good note:


I apologize again sincerely to put you through the grossness that was my last three days. I'm getting ready to have a workout via Facetime with my brother Frankie (I'm hoping to muster up some strength, even if it's a little). After that I'm back to MSK to start this second week of treatments.

In Oneness,


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