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My need to share and spread this word of Oneness doesn’t stop with this book, Oh no my friends. Since this past September, I’ve been podcasting as ‘That Oneness Guy’! I don’t know if you’re aware of that, or if you’ve had the chance to hear any episodes, but by all means check it out! I’ll post a few links for you right here, but just know that it streams on every major podcasting platform. What I’ve been doing with the podcast is really an extension of the musical that I performed on Broadway called: ‘The Phone Call’ A Musical to Inspire Oneness. Where I introduce each episode with a section from one of my songs, and then I select a different aspect of Oneness to talk about. It’s important for me to keep incorporating my songs with this message of Oneness, as it is all tied together. I know, like me, people don’t have a lot of time so I’ve been keeping these episodes to right around 20 minutes or less. The response has been really great as I’m seeing that people from different corners of the world have been tuning in, and I am forever grateful! And since I’ve been podcasting I was fortunate enough to have been the featured guest on ‘Positive Head’ which is a world-renowned spiritual podcast! With thanks to Brandon Beachum and host Alexa Houser it was a great interview and if you care to listen, can be found at: Positive Head: Episode with Author/Podcaster Danny Rongo

So, if you’re familiar with podcasts, or completely new to the format give a listen to ‘That Oneness Guy‘! You can find me in your car, which chances are has podcasting stations. YouTube fans can also find all of my episodes on my YouTube page. Or, from the comforts of your home, just add ‘AnyPod’ to your ‘Alexa’ device and say ‘Alexa, play That Oneness Guy’!

Here are some links to help you out, and I’ll be streaming to you soon!

that oneness guy

In Peace, Love, Light and continued Oneness


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