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Good Shit / Bad Shit

Hello, my friends in Oneness,

With apologies once again, for the inconsistency of these blog posts (with the treatments I am currently taking, there are times when I'm just not up for writing). In fact, I noticed that I made the image for this specific blog some time ago. With that being said, let's get right to it! Let's get right to some 'Good Shit, Bad Shit'!

As you can see, the title fits within the popular 'Yin/Yang' symbol which reminds us that all things exist as inseparable and with contradictory opposites. Which simply says that we can't have one without the other. So many of us get hung up on this wondering 'Well, why the hell not?' That's a fair point, and one I have wrestled with over the years, and still do. So, with life as difficult as it is, why in God's name do we have to be blessed with the unfortunate truth that our days here will always be highlighted by good shit and bad shit? For those who have been following along, you'll recall the word I've been using that helps us to answer that question, and that word is:


You see, duality takes us back to one of the fundamentals of Oneness, and the very reason as to why we are here. To recap, while we are 'at home on the other side' all we know and get the chance to experience, is that we are one. We are Oneness. There is no duality, there is only ONE! But as beings of light and energy, how do we truly get to understand and experience all that Oneness is? And the answer to that my friends, is for us to EXPERIENCE WHAT ONENESS IS NOT! To take that answer further, allow me to quote from my most recent book, "The WAYZ of Oneness" and specifically Chapter 7 "Duality":

"If we come from a source that is devoid of all dichotomies, which means that we exist in a state of pure Oneness, how can we experience duality? WE CANNOT!

In our essence of pure Oneness, there is no up and down, right or wrong, night and day, or life and death. There is just ONE. And what we've learned from Oneness is that our only objective is to expand. If our essence is infinite pure spirit, then how do we grow? The answer is through expansion. Our souls, (STEVLS) need to expand for our journeys to continue, and for us to expand, means that we have to experience the world of contrast and duality. Put in other words: "For us to realize what we are, we have to experience what we are not"

There it is in a nutshell, my friends! We simply have to come here because our life on Earth is the only way we can experience all that Oneness is not, and that is because this life features duality. But here's the kicker, the title of this blog states that there is 'good shit' as well as 'bad shit', and that is merely because we have allowed our egos to dictate as such. Calling anything 'good' and 'bad' is a judgment call. Reverting back to yet another Oneness fundamental element you'll recall is that judgment of any kind stems from our ego (our false self) and does not serve our higher purpose in any way. We don't have to view anything as good or bad, rather it just is, or 'it is what it is', and that fundamental element of Oneness is 'Acceptance', which we've touched on in an earlier blog.

So, here's to a great upcoming week, filled with all the good shit and bad shit!

In Oneness,


You can find 'The WAYZ of Oneness' Helping to Navigate Life at:

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