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Happy Halloween - 'It's Not About Me'

Hello there!

       Happy Halloween from your friendly neighborhood 'Oneness Wizard'! and a big thanks to my niece Kim for sharing this photo from her awesome Halloween party a few years ago. In today's 'Happenings' I want to celebrate the joy that Halloween brings, especially for the kids out there. I hope you all get to dress up, trick-or-treat, and eat tons of candy. And for us larger folks, I wish all of the same (plus a few cocktails), and the creativity to add even more fun as we deal with our current situation. Enjoy! Which leads me to today's topic:

"It's Not About Me"

      I loved recording my latest vlog that I posted for you here. 'It's Not About Me' is such a special song and message for me both musically, and spiritually. Musically, as you'll hear, this song is the only song of mine where the accompaniment is not a bass! You're shocked, right? It's actually a piano. Some years ago, I shared an open-mic stage with my friend and talented singer-songwriter Annika Vitolo. When we were considering how we were going to end the show, I asked Annika if she could learn my song and accompany me. Well, it was very clear from our first rehearsal that I would never play bass on this song again. So, from that moment on, I have always performed 'It's Not About Me' with Annika's beautiful accompaniment. It is the last song on my cd, and it is the closing number in my musical 'The Phone Call'.

      Now, for the spiritual side of this equation, it has a lasting message that I continue to share in my books, podcasts, and anytime I speak. Most recently, in light of our current pandemic, I've been touting the importance of caring for, and tending to, ourselves. Not in a selfish way, mind you, but to the extent that only we can control what goes on inside of our mind and bodies. You've heard me talk about 'fear' and the damage it can do to us. You've also heard me say that there is no such thing as 'fear'. You can't go to Walmart and buy 'fear'. There are only 'fearful thoughts'. We create fear by what we happen to be thinking. And this is why I have been touting the importance of monitoring our thoughts. Because fearful thoughts, to any degree, and regarding any topic, will only break us down physically, emotionally and specifically from a standpoint of energy. When we know that Oneness is all about energy and vibrations, we become very concerned about keeping those vibrations as high as possible. This is how we function at our best. And this is why I've been talking about getting a grip on your thoughts. Especially ones emanating from fear. I know it's not easy. Especially with everything going on around us. We're bombarded with fear-driven headlines, posts, and gossip on a daily basis. And if you allow this fear to take hold, it will most definitely lower your vibrations, weaken you dramatically, and can turn into a pattern, unfortunately. BUT WE HAVE CONTROL! Don't entertain thoughts of fear, and or anything else that doesn't serve your highest interests. 

     So, after all this talk about 'thinking selfishly' to that degree, if you may, we come to the message of this song. Oneness in general teaches us that our lives are never about us, or what we acquire. It's only about what we give away, and how we serve humanity. And therein lies the dichotomy to my last paragraph. At this time and place in 2020, we need to really think about ourselves, to the extent that only we can control our thoughts. Yet, in the much bigger picture, and looking beyond this struggling global event, we need to place our concerns on how to help others. Sound weird? It's not really. As I say in the song; 'Just know that it's not about you, it's not about me'. 

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