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How are you getting through this?


This is Monday, April 13, 2020. Week #5 of our new quarantined way of life. How are you? Are you getting through this? It’s crazy, to say the least. There are so many opinions, so many thoughts, so many concerns. I sense that even our brightest scientific minds are scrambling at this point. I see that our political leaders have already been scrambling and continue to do so.

So, here’s what I’d like to say.

We can only control our own thoughts. How you process this event internally will determine your outcome. While the world is looking for answers outside of themselves, I’m asking you to look for your answers WITHIN. Don’t wait for a political leader or a scientific mind to tell you how and when you will be safe. Because waiting for those answers will lead to stress, and those answers will most likely come with second-guessers that will lead to more stress. We only have the power to control our own thoughts, which lead to how we are feeling. I understand that we don’t have the answers in regards to ‘when this will be over’, but we most certainly have the answer regarding our own state of mind during this event. As I have said repeatedly throughout my book, blogs and podcasts, we only have two options from which to address every situation in life:


We see what the fear response looks like. It’s what has gripped the world. And because our world revolves around what our collective consciousness dictates, well it’s no surprise that the majority of our planet is scared shit-less. So, as we look to address this event from love in our own lives take stock in a few things. Remind yourself throughout every day that you are healthy. Maintain those thoughts of perfect health. Focus on the ‘good’ that you sense now in our world. The tireless efforts of our first-responders, the healthcare workers, the volunteers, the restaurants supplying free meals. Send them prayers of love and strength so that they may continue to help us all. Share only positive stories that lift us up or ones that make us laugh. Because once again, we can only control ourselves. To worry about this event (or anything for that matter), doesn’t do you any good. Worry is just a useless emotion about something that may or may not happen. The amount that you worry will absolutely have no effect on the outcome of this situation. The way that we take matters into our own hands is by choosing to address all matters from a foundation of LOVE. Love will lead you to think in terms of your own optimal health (regarding this situation) and will maintain your optimistic outlook towards any situation. We always have a choice. CHOOSE HEALTH. CHOOSE LIFE. CHOOSE LOVE

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