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How Can We Envision A Future, When We Are Anchored To The Past?

Hello, my friends in Oneness, I wanted to blog about this specific topic because whenever I think about it, it makes so much sense to me. For years now I've been watching videos and listening to podcasts that feature one of my favorite 'spiritual-based doctors', Dr. Joe Dispenza. If you're not aware of who he is, by all means, look him up as he is simply brilliant! I love doctor Joe because he teaches and shares his medical expertise from a spiritual foundation. He ties 'science' into the world of spirituality in ways that make even the most pessimistic of naysayers believe. And I am always on the lookout for ways to reach those naysayers! LOL. But all kidding aside, this is why I truly admire him! Dr. Joe Dispenza has said that if we're trying to manifest our future, it's important to recognize why we are tied to our past. Dr. Joe has said that "Most people's brains are organized to reflect everything they've done in life". So in this manner, our brain is in fact a record of the past. He then goes on to say that "If you feel the same way every day it means that nothing new is happening in your life, and those emotions are keeping you anchored to the past." This is why it is so very difficult for us to change, and why it is challenging to visualize our future. Because NOTHING IS CHANGING! And nothing will change unless we initiate the change. So, taking these points into consideration, we can see that most of what we do and think, stems from what we've done all along! We truly are 'creatures of habit' I'd say, myself included. For us to manifest any future we need to think about and literally 'feel' that future. We have to break the conditions that have led our lives to this point. If we continue to do things the way we've always done them, how can we expect to see anything change? It won't. There's no growth, and we won't evolve. One of the many blessings in this physical realm is that EVERYTHING CHANGES! That's what evolution literally means. But while everything around us is changing naturally, we, unfortunately, do not (except for our bodies). Again, we have to initiate change. We have to CHOOSE TO CHANGE! We need to change our thoughts which will directly change our feelings. Another great doctor, and my personal guru, Dr. Wayne Dyer once said that "A change of feeling, is a change of destiny". This statement offers the truth that we need in order to initiate change within our lives. And the truthful blessing is that because everything around us is constantly changing, we get to change at any given moment of any given day! How great is that! Just because life may have not gone according to plan so far, it doesn't mean that it can't. We get the blessing to initiate change. Right here. Right now. OK, 'That Oneness Guy'. How do I do it? Review the quote from Dr. Dyer again. "A change of feeling, is a change of destiny". We need to change the way we 'feel' about our future, or what we're intending to manifest. Our feelings are what become imprinted on our subconscious, and the most dominant of those feelings are what become expressed and in turn manifested within our lives. It is 'The Law of Attraction' at work, plain and simple. This topic and discussion are always strengthened when we include the words of another brilliant messenger, Neville Goddard who said, "Whatever you have placed into your imagination, you always go to your reality and call that which does not exist as if it did." And this is not done by merely 'thinking' about whatever it is, but you have to FEEL IT! You have to literally assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. So, if you want to be prosperous, ask yourself "What does it feel like to be prosperous?" Yes. It is that simple. Because our dominant feelings are the ones that become impressions on our subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind is what runs 96% to 97% of our lives! This is why we're all mostly anchored to our past. If we don't change the way that we feel about what we want for our future, our lives continue to run via the programming of our past. Your future is attainable. Change the way you FEEL about it. In Oneness, Danny 'That Oneness Guy'

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Gregory W. Irish
Gregory W. Irish
Mar 06, 2022

Love this Blog Post. I guess that I have drifted away from what I should be listening to because some time ago, I used to follow Dr. Wayne Dyer. I should start to look up some of his writings. Any suggestions as to which ones I should check out first. Anyway, I like the information you shared in this post. I will definitely give it a try. Hope all is well with you and your family. Peace.

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