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In Oneness, do we ever ‘lose a loved one’? – “NO”

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

We often hear the phrase ‘I’ve lost a loved one’ or something similar when a family member or someone close to you passes away. I understand completely how and why that mantra still exists, but I really wish it didn’t. Those who feel like they’ve ‘lost their loved one’ speak in terms of the physical. They believe that the physical body that they will no longer be able to see truly represented the life that is now allegedly lost. Well, if you’ve followed anything I’ve written, spoke or sang about over the years, you know that’s not what I believe. And that is because:


I like to use the line that my friend in Oneness Caroline Chang said when referring to our bodies. She said that our bodies are our ‘spacesuit’ that we need to get us through this life. That is so cool! (and so very true). You’ve heard me prove how our bodies are not who we are. If you haven’t, grab a copy of my book. We know that Oneness not only represents our connection physically but spiritually as well. And it’s that spirituality that truly is what we are. Yes, call it what you may, spirit, thought, energy, vibration, love or soul, but this is what you are. When you come to ‘know’ this, when you truly understand exactly what you are, it is then and only then that ‘losing a loved one’ is removed from your vocabulary and thought process. Because you recognize that the spirit that your loved one was while alive can never change and can definitely never die (in the sense that our bodies do). And that because they are back in their full spirit form, they resonate at much higher vibrations. For example, let’s say, for argument’s sake that while alive, our spirit vibrates enough to light one room in your home. Well, when we cross-over to the other side, our spirit vibrates enough to light the entire town or city you live in! So to say that they’re awareness is heightened is an understatement! And what is your loved one’s main focus and priority when they arrive on the other side? YOU!

So why would you ever think that you’ve ‘lost a loved one’??

They are more connected to you than you can ever imagine. They are truly right by your side. And that is because love (and spirit) never dies. It can’t. Because in reality, our spirit was never ‘born’. We are eternal and spiritual beings. We just happen to be experiencing this finite and physical realm called life.

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