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It’s Your Life. It’s Your YOUniverse

If you recall my last blog, I’ve been tapping into the some of the insight made available to all of us from the spirit guide known as ‘Abraham’. Specifically the “Law of Attraction”. In that last blog I focused on the truth that we are literally creating our own life in our own world. I used the analogy that we are all painters, and the canvas represents our life. Which begged me to ask

“What are you painting?”

The simplicity of this topic has me so excited, I am already putting thoughts together to make it the foundation for another book of Oneness!

And that is why I want to expand upon it a little in this blog.

“It’s your YOUniverse”

What does that mean to you? I know what it meant to William Shakespeare and the famous rock group, Rush. To them it meant that

“All the World’s a stage, and we are merely players”.

I know that most people think of that quote as fictional. I, for one do not. Look at it this way. You may not consider yourself a ‘spiritual’ person, or someone who understands Oneness. But living your life from the premise of the world being your stage can’t hurt! Everything that you’ve experienced to this very moment has been through your eyes. Through your perception. You stored every event in your own personal manner. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad. It’s all been your recollection. No one else’s. So, in that sense do you get why Shakespeare said that “All the world's a stage and we are merely players”?

Because it is!

Because it’s Your Life.

It’s Your YOUniverse

That Oneness Guy’

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