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Just a heads-up ‘Tweet’😜

Hey there!

I wanted to share some info. If you look at a blog from earlier this year you’ll see that I deleted my social media accounts. My reasoning was simple and honest. I just can’t have all the negative energy permeate my being. It’s a choice that I still stand by today.

With that said, as I am currently marketing my latest book of Oneness to agents and publishers throughout the world, there is one aspect of my branding they all inquire about. You guessed it. My Social Media presence. Luckily, my YouTube channel (which I never deleted) keeps me the game. But I need to show more. So, as of yesterday you can now find;

”That Oneness Guy” on Twitter

The handle Twitter selected for me is actually pretty cool too. On Twitter I’m;


So by all means, if you have a Twitter account, I would love and appreciate if you could follow me. My posts will only reflect all that my message of Oneness conveys. I purposely chose to create this account as ‘That Oneness Guy’ and not ‘Danny Rongo’ for that reason. For when I look back at why I deleted my accounts in the first place, I realized that I (Danny Rongo) became too emotionally attached. And I allowed the negative energies to affect me. Having my websites and now this Twitter account as ‘That Oneness Guy’ helps me personally to draw the line if you may.

So, please join me on Twitter!

In Oneness,

’That Oneness Guy’

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