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Let's 'FALL IN LOVE' (with what we want)

Recently, I've been so very inspired by a specific mantra that many messengers have shared over time. It is regarding the importance of our 'FEELINGS'. We all know what our feelings are. Most of us place our feelings into a few camps if you may, happy, sad, love, mad, etc. But when placed into the context of Oneness or spirituality in general, our feelings play a much larger role. One that should never be just cast aside.

You may have heard me say that:

'If our thoughts dictate where our lives go, then it's our feelings that determine how fast we get there'

And this is so very true my friends. Our thoughts and feelings truly do determine what our lives become. Dr. Joe Dispenza says that 'thoughts are the electrical charge of the universe, and feelings are the magnetic charge'. This statement helps in a scientific way for those who care, but the conversation really revolves around energy. The fact that we are spiritual beings who are forever connected to our source, we understand that we are a part of this energy. And as part of this energy, we truly are creators in our own right. From our abilities to think and to make choices, we can create the life that we desire in the same way an artist can create the exact painting he or she is envisioning.

Another great spiritual mind, Neville Goddard said: “Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and continue feeling that it is fulfilled until that which you feel objectifies itself." I truly love this saying and remember the first time I heard my guru, Dr. Wayne Dyer reference it many decades ago. Over time it has helped me to realize that it is not enough to just 'think' about what we want in life, we, in fact, have to FEEL IT!

So, you have to ask yourself:

"What does it FEEL like to be prosperous?"

"What does it FEEL like to have that great job?"

"What does it FEEL like to have that dream home?"

And because I like to take things 'over the top' as they say, I'm telling you to not just feel it but to


with what you want to manifest! Do you know of a stronger feeling than falling in love? I don't. And if you've never fallen in love with someone, I hope someday you do, but you need to imagine the indescribable feeling that you've heard that it is. Yes, my friends. Take it to the limit!

Think, and feel what it is that you want to manifest, and then FALL IN LOVE with that feeling!

In Oneness,

'That Oneness Guy'

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Rohit Parthasarathy
Rohit Parthasarathy
Jul 18, 2021

Awesome blog post, brother! Let's continue to grow together in Oneness.



That Oneness Guy
That Oneness Guy
Jul 18, 2021
Replying to

Hey Rohit! Thanks for checking out the site. Let’s keep the ONENESS going!😊👏🏻

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