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Memorable Book Signing in Brick NJ

Hello, my friends!

I hope you’re having fun this summer and you’re getting the chance to spend quality time with friends and family! I’ve been really busy, but Andrea and I are picking our spots to make sure that we do just that. Between my work as a Paraprofessional during the days, my solo and band shows, and book signing events, I’ve been literally ‘ROCKING AND ROLLING!’

Speaking of book signings, this past Saturday at the Barnes & Noble in Brick NJ I was pleasantly surprised. First, because it was a gorgeous summer day and I didn’t have high expectations regarding the turnout. But lo and behold, the turnout was really good! And also, because of the talks I got to have with so many people. I love when I get to explain to folks what Oneness is and what I hope my book accomplishes. But more than that, I love hearing about their spiritual journeys! As one would imagine, everyone’s story is different. But it seems like everyone shares the same concerns that I (and most people) do regarding our hopes for peace. And as I discuss Oneness, which will naturally lead to peace, we seem to bond. So, I would like to thank those who took the time to stop by and introduce themselves to me and learn about Oneness!


Saturday, August 17 2 pm at the Barnes & Noble in Freehold NJ

And as a reminder, if you haven’t hooked up with me yet via social networking, please do:

Enjoy your summer and I hope to see you soon!

In Oneness


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