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Merry Christmas

So, we find ourselves here at ‘Christmastime 2019’. YAY, WE MADE IT! For me, this holiday season couldn’t come fast enough. Yes, I do make it a point to not let the current status of our world depress me. I choose to not let that shit in as one might say. With that said, this year presented so much more for us all to face. Just consider the natural disasters for starters. The hurricanes, the tornadoes, the earthquakes, the fires, the mudslides. Think of the thousands of families that were directly affected by those events. But there is nothing that we can do about them. They happen and will continue to happen.

Isn’t that enough for us all to deal with?

I mean, because we have no control over these events, if there is ‘something to worry about’ in life, THIS IS IT! We deal with these events the only way we know-how. We remain diligent in the help we can offer to one another. And we continue to pray for those families impacted. We do this because we know that we are one and that Oneness is what binds us eternally. So I continue to say that while we reside in this physical, time-space reality, there is really only one thing that we cannot control. And that is the natural events that this planet (some might say, unfortunately) provides us with. So that leads me to the conclusion that…


Anything aside from what our planet hands out to us doesn’t matter, and is only an issue because our egos allow it to be. The divisiveness, the hatred, the racism, the politics, and we can go on and on. It’s all the bullshit that some of us think matters, but in the eyes of Oneness, it doesn’t. Oneness doesn’t know separation in any form. It’s the essence that surrounds our source and in turn, surrounds me and you. So day after day here in 2019 as we all seen and experienced so much more in the way of separation, it became much more difficult to try and navigate our lives. But that is why I say ‘nothing else matters’. In the grand scheme of things, Oneness will prevail. It has to. It’s what we are. It is our inherent birthright. We’re the ones who delay this inevitable process.

So, this is why I’m extra excited and motivated about this Christmas season. It’s because of that extra love we all feel. The way Christmas makes us think and act more out of love than we may during the year. That’s what I’m holding on to. I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe, these Christmas acts and feelings of love will go on for just a little while longer. Hey, I’m an optimist! I’m more than an optimist. I’m ‘FOREVER POLLYANNA’!!

Merry Christmas. In Peace, Love, Light and continued Oneness


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