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MLK - 'Thank You'

I hope you're enjoying your day off (if you in fact have the day off). I also hope that you take a moment or two to give 'thanks' to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King.

When I think of the Reverend and what this day means to me, I always have conflicting emotions. First, I applaud all that he tried to accomplish as a man of peace. His tireless efforts will always be a huge inspiration for me. I was a young boy in the 1960's and I don't have direct memories of the man and what he did, but as I got older I educated myself. Something that I initially struggled with when I was younger, and still do to this day, is when I ask myself:

"Why was he killed?" and "Why is it always the ones who want peace?"

That's what always troubles me. It's like, is wanting 'Peace' some big taboo thing that society just won't allow? Why have we, throughout time, killed the individuals who tried to preach 'peace'? I'll tell you why. Because we're fucked up. Over millennia we have moved further and further away from our truth. The truth that we are one. With thanks to religion in general, and greed, we've all just bought into the bullshit that you and I are separate. And because our predominant global belief, has been, and still is that we are separated by any number of things, we kill one another. Especially those who attempt to point us back into the direction of our inherent truth, which is peace and Oneness. God forbid someone even try. That's what pisses me off the worst. Here are just a few of the more recognizable lives that this fucked up world decided we didn't need anymore:

Jesus, Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and there are unfortunately so many more.

So, that's why I have conflicting emotions each year on this day. Because I so admire and respect all that this kind and peaceful man tried to do for our world. And in the same breath I'm appalled because I have to bear witness to a hatred I will never be able to define. I continue to share what Martin Luther King, along with the other names I referenced all felt compelled to share. That peace is our birthright. The only difference is that I share it in the name of Oneness. But peace naturally comes when we understand Oneness. If you don't understand this yet, you will one day. We all will. Let's just hope that by the time we do, it's not too late. Which is the perfect segue to the quote from Dr. King that I want to leave you with.

'Thank you' Dr. King

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