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*New ‘Performance’ Book Signing Scheduled*

Hello, my friends,

As I continue with my book signing stops throughout New Jersey, I’m really looking forward to a very special event on the campus of Rutgers University! For on Wednesday, October 9, 2019, I will hold a special ‘performance’ book signing event at the Rutgers Barnes & Noble. Borrowing a page or two from my musical ‘The Phone Call’ A Musical to Inspire Oneness, I will discuss a few select aspects of Oneness and follow each discussion with my correlating song!

Here’s a quick video of what it will look and sound like:

I’m excited to be once again not just speaking my message of Oneness, but SINGING it as well! And it all falls right into place because, speaking of ‘The Phone Call’, I will be scheduling another performance of my musical in the Fall (stay tuned for details at my website

As I’m writing this blog, it comes on the heels of the devastation that is now The Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian. Just seeing the images and the video footage is breathtaking. Please send your thoughts and prayers (and funds if you can) to help them in their time of desperate need. When I see images like that, after these natural disasters, it really makes me wonder why people continue to live their lives in such divisive ways. I mean, don’t those images prove to you that we have enough to concern ourselves with? These ‘natural’ disasters can happen anywhere at any time nowadays. That’s stuff that we CANNOT CONTROL! Do we really need to pile on the hatred, separateness, and divisiveness too? Do you see where I’m going with this? Life, by all means, is hard enough. We’re all trying to make ends meet. We’re all trying to deal with these specific events that we have no control over. Is it really too much to ask that we try to unite? That we try to care for one another? That we Love? That we live in Peace? THAT WE LIVE IN ONENESS? I don’t think it is. The feeling of overwhelming sympathy that we all get when we see the images in The Bahamas IS ONENESS. It’s because we recognize the inherent connection with our Bahamian brothers and sisters. It’s because once again, the bell has tolled and ‘It Tolls For Thee’.

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