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Hello my friends,

I wanted to send out a quick note, as I posted my latest podcast episode.

I reverted back to my episodes where I've been narrating the chapters of my latest book 'The WAYZ of Oneness' Helping to Navigate Life.

For this episode, I am reading:

Chapter 3: Death 'Fork in road ahead. Choose wisely' (Navigating between Death and Transitioning)

In this chapter, I address the biggest fear that most of us face in life. Our inevitable physical demise, and the irony that it represents. This fear is not only unwarranted, but debilitates our lives and prevents us from knowing Oneness and our spirituality in the fullest sense.

Here is a sound byte:

I love narrating these chapters! Especially one that carries such crucial information with it, as this episode does. If you still hold on to the fear of 'death', please listen to this episode. Come to know the irony that I'm referring to. Lift that cumbersome fear from your being and from your life. Know that spiritual beings don't die. We TRANSITION.

You can find 'That Oneness Guy' podcast on any and all podcasting sites, apps, and smart-home devices (Just ask 'Siri' or 'Alexa' to play 'That Oneness Guy' podcast)

In Oneness,

'That Oneness Guy'

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