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Hello, my friends in Oneness,

Today I posted the latest podcast episode from ‘That Oneness Guy’ (aka, me). It is part of Season 2 and is Episode #10 called: Religion? Spirituality? Where does Oneness fit in? This intriguing topic follows suit as this new season is going deeper into the realms of Oneness, and in all actuality, is starting to raise some eyebrows! I mean, it started with Episode #9: ‘Let’s Address the Blasphemous Elephant in the room’, and now in Episode #10 I’m cutting to the chase as it applies to where Oneness might fit into your life.

In this episode, I’ll tell you when and how my life changed which correlated to when I started questioning religious practices I was taught as a child. I’ll explain how Oneness can be an accessory to your current beliefs (whatever they might be). I’ll discuss why I believe it’s important to recognize some of the ‘God-fearing’ aspects of religion that still permeate our world. I’ll discuss ‘prayer’ and why so many people still believe in praying to an entity outside of themselves. I’ll talk about Jesus and what part he plays in my life. And I’ll even reference my favorite George Carlin skit of all time!

WOW! This is my best and most captivating podcast to date folks! 

You can find my podcast ‘That Oneness Guy’ on all of your favorite streaming sites (Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, Aha Radio etc) or on your Smart-Home devices just say “Hey Alexa! play That Oneness Guy” or “Hey Siri!, Play That Oneness Guy” or just click this link right below for my podcast website at Buzzsprout:

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For my local friends in Monmouth County NJ, my book is now available at your Barnes and Noble stores (as well as online), and stay tuned for updates regarding up and coming “BOOK SIGNING” events!!

Peace, Love, Light, and Oneness


podcast #10
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