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New Podcast from “That Oneness Guy” – Where Oneness Leads

Hello, my friends,

I posted a new podcast episode as ‘That Oneness Guy’. It’s called “Where Oneness Leads”, and you can find it on all of your favorite podcast streaming devices and apps. In this episode, I continue to take our discussion about Oneness further.

As you’ll hear, the question of where oneness leads, like the individualized expressions of the source that we are, is honestly up to you based on the choices you make. This episode explains how we will naturally find ourselves living from a more peaceful and loving foundation – and how that foundation also helps to remove stress from our lives. For at this point in one’s journey of oneness, you will have come to terms with the idea and the concept of acceptance. You realize that in a world as tumultuous as ours, acceptance is an integral piece of the puzzle as it pertains to how we move forward as a society. We witness what goes on in our world through the eyes of oneness. This episode also touches on the importance of intuition and how that divine guidance helps to point us eventually to where oneness leads.

As with many of the aspects of Oneness that I discuss, I use my personal experiences to share how it came to be in my life. I feel that sharing my own experiences helps the concepts become more relatable.

Here is a link to hear my podcasts:

In Oneness,


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