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New Year. New Thoughts. Same ONENESS

Hello, my friends,

In my last blog, I talked about how we can address the ‘resolutions’ that many of us seem to place upon ourselves entering a new year. So many of us look for a change in a variety of ways, and that’s cool. #ChangeIsGood. But in a world that’s constantly changing (reminds me of a song in the ’60s), wouldn’t it serve us better to find the one constant? In the book, I talk about our journey here in the realm of form. Here, everything changes, that’s just the way it is. But I remind us that what we are is ‘changeless’. Our being (aka S.T.E.V.L.S) is that which never changes. And that is what Oneness represents. That omnipresent connection to one and all is inherently part of who we are. It is there whether we recognize it or not. Obviously, the sooner we do recognize it, the better as we then get to reap the many rewards it has to offer. So as we make our way into this new year, embrace the changes you may be looking to make! Just know that there’s a constant within you. A spirit that has been with you before you were born, and will remain ever so present when your journey here is done. It is #ONENESS. If you don’t already know of her, allow me to make the introduction:

‘Oneness, this is ______ a good friend of mine.’

‘ ______, this is Oneness’

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