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Oneness is aligning Vibrations: PLAY THE GAME!

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

I’ve recently been watching and listening to many of the videos from ‘Abraham Hicks’. For those who don’t know, Abraham is the name given to the spirit guides that channel through spiritual author Esther Hicks. If you haven’t seen any of these videos, by all means, please do. Just look up, or Google Abraham Hicks.

One of the main themes relayed by Abraham is that we emanate from source (sound familiar?). And this source, or ‘Vortex’ as they call it is where everything that we desire in life resides. Because this Vortex is an energy, and we come from this energy, we have complete access to it. But as so many messengers have said throughout time, for us to tap into this source we need to align our energy (aka vibration) with what resides in the Vortex. It is our ‘entry fee’ if you may.

I myself have shared this message in my own words and music. I have said that ‘our life is a highway of energy’ and for us to move forward we need to stay in our specific lane. For when we are in our lane, our life flows naturally and without inhibition. But it is difficult for us to maintain our position in that lane. Every time we have a negative thought, or emotion that doesn’t resonate with our higher source, we get bumped out of the lane. And at that point, it is up to us to get back in our lane (hopefully sooner than later).

One of the many reasons why I love hearing Abraham is because they speak in terms that everyone can relate to.  For those who believe (like myself), that what we intend to manifest only comes from our specific and unwavering thoughts, Abraham takes it further. They reference that so many people have been taught that you have to ‘work hard’, and ‘hit the ground running’ each and every day. Now while those are admirable attributes, they don’t equate to a ‘prerequisite’ if you may. Whereas it never hurts anyone to work hard for what they desire, it’s far more important to align yourself with the energies et al. that reside in your Vortex or higher source. And that is because:


So, when you come to recognize this truth, you start to sense patterns. You’ll notice that when things start to go good for you, that they typically continue in that fashion. And that is because you’re more in line with the vibrations from your source. And those moments begin to stop and change only because we’ve allowed lower vibrations (aka, negative thoughts or emotions) to enter our mind which as we know, do not match up with our higher source or Vortex. Abraham mentions many times that life is a ‘game’. A game where after we realize that life is just about matching and aligning vibrations, we challenge ourselves to maintain those vibrations. I for one believe this whole-heartedly. Why? Because I see it happening in my own life. I recognize that when I ‘feel good’, other positive attributes in my life transpire. And I recognize that a trend like that continues for as long as I can maintain that vibe. But to my chagrin, most times it does not last too long. And typically, I equate that to the everyday headaches that we all face (paying bills and hearing bad news to name a few). But I continue to use what I’ve come to know about energy. I know that if I get bummed out or upset about bills or bad news, then that transmits an energy, albeit a bad one. And if I stay within that mindset then more of that is what comes into my life. For make no mistake about it folks. Your higher source, God, Vortex does not recognize what we may deem as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It’s energy. It’s vibration. There’s nothing within it saying ‘hey this is good, so keep it going’, or ‘hey this sucks, so knock it off’. It only knows what it is. And that is LOVE.

So, life in retrospect IS a game. It’s a game in the way that we either align ourselves with the vibrations within our Vortex (or higher source) or we don’t. Face it. You know what works with you, right? We all do. You get those feelings when something feels allegedly ‘right’. That’s those intuitive vibes that we all get, which is our higher source speaking directly to us. Live your life. Pay attention to those feelings. PLAY THE GAME!

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