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Oneness teaches us how to 'LIVE WITHOUT FEAR'

Hello my friends in Oneness,

For those who don't know, most of the posts that I place on social media, along with blogs that I write, stem from what I'm feeling, or living through at the moment. Case in point, the title of this blog.

I'm currently reviewing the many pages that I've written, along with the chapters from the many books that I've read written by spiritual messengers that I aspire to. All to help me and to reiterate what I've come to know about how Oneness teaches us to live without fear. Why you ask? Because I obviously haven't 'mastered' it yet, and I recognize the potential damage fear-laden thoughts can bestow upon me.

Let's first discuss what current fear is taking up residence in my being. Oh, there are a few right now, but specifically, I'm dealing with the loss of yet another friend of mine who succumbed to cancer, and the fear if that ending is in my future. I'm sure there are some of you reading this right now, who are either dealing with your own cancer journey or know of someone who is. As it relates to 'fear', I think this might top the list on anyone's chart. So, of course, I had to ask myself yet again:

"How can Oneness, teach me how to live without this specific fear?"

As I've learned over the years, Oneness is our connection to one and all physically, but more specifically from a spiritual perspective. As a spiritual being having this human experience, I've come to know that what we perceive as 'fear' is just a disconnection from our source. I know that there is 'no such thing' as fear, that there are only 'fearful thoughts'. These foundational elements of Oneness have been with me for decades, yet I still struggle at times. Why?

Because like many of us, I allow negative thoughts in their many forms to linger longer than they should. Negative thoughts that if pondered on too long will only grow and lower us vibrationally. What is fear after all besides 'False Evidence Appearing Real'? It is nothing. It is just a thought we are having. An idea, a concept, a whimsical fantasy that something may not go according to our plan. Yet we all experience it to certain degrees.

Once we learn that fear only resides within our ego, our false self and that it is only a thought that we have created, we can come to much better terms with it. For me specifically, and for all cancer patients, fearful thoughts, although quite easy to come by, serve no purpose. They lower us energetically and vibrationally at a time in our lives when we need every single ounce of positivity that we can muster up!

Whenever you experience a fearful thought ask yourself "What am I thinking about right now, and why?" then proceed to change that thought immediately. Preferably to one that is positive, or at least happy in nature. You always have the choice to do so. Choose You!

In Oneness,


(That Oneness Guy)

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