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ONLY YOU can prevent negative thoughts from entering Your World

So, what exactly does that mean? 

What is 'That Oneness Guy' trying to convey with a statement like that?

Well, I'm glad you asked. Because in light of what we're still going through regarding the pandemic, AND if you add in the political situation (here in the U.S.), the uncertainty of what life has in store for us has never been so daunting. Think about it:

COVID, closings, restrictions, masks, social distancing, positive cases, deaths, uncertainty, the left, the right, Trump, Biden, divisiveness, separation, hatred, and most of all FEAR!

Face it, we've been hearing the term 'unprecedented' for quite some time now, and we know why. We've never experienced anything like the year 2020 (as far as I recall). How do we navigate through it all? How do we even remotely try to remain sane? I know that I've taken some specific measures over the past 8 months. I've stopped watching the news, and I've shut down my Facebook and Instagram accounts. And honestly, that's helped me IMMENSELY! Especially not being subject to the rhetoric on Facebook. I know that what has worked for me, may not work for you, but just know that what you allow into your world, and into your being most definitely has an effect on your life, whether you believe that or not. And that's because we become what we think about. Any predominant thoughts that we have will eventually take hold and manifest over time. How do you think our world has come to this point? It's not by accident. We're the sum of these thoughts and topics that everyone's been thinking about. That's what you call a:

"Collective Consciousness"

So, when the majority of our world is focused on the fear that all of this represents, you can plainly see what the results are. MORE FEAR. Now, I'm not saying that the issues we're up against don't deserve our concern. Of course, they do.

But to what level?

If it's to the point where it is affecting your personal life negatively, then that's not doing you any good, and it certainly doesn't help the collective consciousness. And that is why my 'ONENESS' message has remained the same throughout all of 2020 and will do so going forward. And here it is.

Oneness, like spirituality in general, teaches us that we are spiritual beings. As spiritual beings, we know that the answers to any and all questions can only come from within. Meaning from our higher selves, not from what we hear or see that's outside of us. We control how we feel by monitoring what we actually think. If we continually bombard ourselves with thoughts that don't serve us well, what do you think happens?

We unintentionally weaken ourselves. It starts off spiritually, because these negative thoughts don't resonate with our higher vibrations, and because we become weaker spiritually, it naturally affects us physically as well. We become tired, and then guess what happens? 


So, the exact element of our physical bodies that we try to protect and strengthen during ANY virus, we are weakening by our continued negative thoughts!

"Even at this point in time, my 'ONENESS' message remains the same"

This is why my message hasn't changed, and never will. All I've been touting is that however we process this, or any crisis, will have a direct correlation to how we get through it. And you might be a person who says, 'Yeah, but I don't let things affect me'.You may not think that you do, but if you allow yourself to hear or see these stories, posts, and reports, the damage is still being done. And that is because everything is energy. We need to closely monitor not just our thoughts, but what we allow into our being, into our essence if you may. I know that we all naturally take positions on these topics, and that's cool. But we need to put the brakes on.

Remember the 'Smokey the Bear' commercials when we were kids? He said:

"Only you can prevent forest fires"

Well, the same goes for the health and well-being of our lives. 

ONLY YOU can prevent negative thoughts from entering your world. And if you prevent it from entering your world, you also prevent it from entering my world, our world, and the collective consciousness!

Stay well, Think well

In Oneness,

'That Oneness Guy'

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