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Sayonara, Social Media

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Hello, my friends,

I’m writing this blog (which will be accompanied by a ‘vlog’) because yesterday I made a change. A change that was a long time coming. I deleted my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Some might say, ‘so what’. Some might say ‘Why Dan?’. I’ll address the latter.


I can no longer take the rhetoric that’s simply disguised as hatred and divisiveness. Even though I used my platforms mostly for sharing my message of Oneness, I still made the decision to walk away from those sites. The only social media platform that I’ll continue to use is YouTube. That is where I’ll continue to share my music and message in many forms (music videos, podcasts, ‘LIVE’ episodes, and vlogs). So, that is where I’m hoping you’ll continue to follow ‘That Oneness Guy’ as we move forward. So, you know, here’s the link:

You’ve heard me say many times that Oneness coincides with The Law of Attraction. It does so by means of the energies and vibrations that we emanate. With our world, currently overflowing with negativity, hatred and divisiveness, it’s really hard to find positive energies, let alone enough to share back into the universe. That’s pretty much the reason why I stopped watching the news some time ago. There’s nothing good on it. And recently, that’s what spilled over into the world of social media. All I’m seeing and experiencing are lines being drawn. Lines between co-workers, between friends, and even between families.

The message I’ve been sharing since the start of the pandemic has remained the same as it is today. And that is,

‘How you process this will determine your outcome’

For no matter what position you take on the pandemic, or most recently the latest rash of racism, if your thoughts and opinions are causing you stress, anguish, hatred, or fear, you’re only damaging yourself. Oneness teaches us that we can only control our own thoughts. Those thoughts, no matter if they’re deemed good or bad in nature will be what we share with the universe. And since the universe is one with the Law of Attraction, it acts like a mirror and sends it right back to us. This is why I left those specific social media sites. 9 out of every 10 posts have something to do with the problems in the world that we’re all facing. There’s no escaping it. I started to feel like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t emanate thoughts from a place of peace and Oneness. If you can, all the power to you. My spiritual journey is still an ongoing learning experience. But I know enough to realize when my thoughts and feelings don’t serve my higher good (or the collective consciousness). So, I move away from such energies. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s quite the opposite. I fully understand that if I don’t think and feel good, then I can’t change the collective narrative of fear that surrounds our world. Let me ask you something.

Do you think the events regarding racism just happened?

No, they did not. They’re a direct correlation to the collective consciousness of fear that has engulfed our world since the start of the pandemic. When you understand Oneness and the ways that our vibrations and energies affect our world, you see this with complete clarity. That’s why the riots were of no surprise to me. And let me tell you this. If our collective thoughts don’t change for the better, we’ll be in for more of the same.

This is why I’m saying ‘Sayonara, Social Media’. I know that to initiate change in our world, it has to start with each of us individually. Remember, it doesn’t matter what side of a debate that you’re on. If you let your thoughts of that topic affect you negatively, you’re only hurting yourself, and in turn our world collectively. CHOOSE WISELY.

In Oneness,


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