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Should we open or not? Anger vs Fear. Oneness prevails.

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

(The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book: “The WAYZ of Oneness”)

OK, I’m actually revisiting this specific chapter from further down the road when I originally started writing it. And that is because it is a specific update regarding Oneness and the COVID19 pandemic that we are still in the midst of and trying to find our way out of.

          It is now Wednesday May 20, 2020. If you recall, I started writing this book and specifically this chapter back on March 16, now more than two months ago. I needed to add this insert because the narrative of this pandemic has changed. It has changed because we are now at the point where certain states are starting to reopen, and with that comes divisiveness, anger, and still more fear. There are those that maintain their thoughts that we should not open at all until we have a vaccine. They think that a vaccine will stop the spread. The population that is thinking along those lines are prioritizing their own health and safety over whether or not people should be allowed to work and rejoin society. The other side of the equation is those who feel like we should have never shut down at all. They feel that being forced to self-isolate took away their constitutional rights as well as their holistic rights to be able to join the ‘herd immunity’ or their natural process to build and maintain their own immunity to this and any virus.  This side also seems to be much more concerned with our now crashing economy and the rights we have as citizens to make a living. Whatever side of the equation you may be on, we now find ourselves with another battle of divisiveness and separation. Separation from one another and separation from source, God, STEVLS. And this is why I need to say that;

No matter what side you are on, Oneness is the only solution!

          And there’s a very good reason why I say that. And here’s why. If you’re residing within the first example that I referenced, where you would rather stay safe and wait for a vaccine, your thoughts are being processed from fear. The fear that opening up states and businesses too soon will lead to another outbreak of the virus. And if you reside among the second example that I referenced, where you don’t feel we should have shut down at all, and that states and businesses should absolutely be opened, your thoughts are being processed from anger. The anger that your constitutional and inalienable rights are being compromised.

Either way, you are losing. And here’s why;

          As you come to learn more about The WAYZ of Oneness and how it helps to navigate through a pandemic, world crisis, or life in general, you will learn that no matter what we encounter in life, there is only one thing we can control. And that my friends are how we think. Because it is those thoughts that either weaken us or strengthen us. Those thoughts either lower our vibration or they raise our vibration. When it comes right down to it, it is totally irrelevant if you view what you think as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. All that matters is energy and how we are vibrating. Because that determines if we are aligning with our higher source, God, STEVLS, or not.

Let’s face it. The two words that I highlighted here are fear and anger. They are two useless emotions that definitely do not serve our higher purpose. They weaken us and they keep us in a state of lower energy and vibration. How do I know this? First of all because I do and second of all because I sense my own anger.

So, as you know, this is my book, and in my book, I get to share what camp I am residing in and how it’s affecting me. Let me ask you first. What camp do you think I am residing in? This man whose words you are reading right now. This man who preaches ‘Oneness’. What do you think my thoughts are as they pertain to this global pandemic?

Well, I’m very glad that you asked. I reside in the second example. I am infuriated over this pandemic and especially how it is being handled. The very foundation that ‘Social Distancing’ rests upon tears apart my soul. For it is our very nature to congregate, to be together, to gather with family and friends, to shake hands, to hug, and in general to love. We are being ‘instructed’ to not do what comes so naturally to us. And along those lines, I know that after they loosen up on this social distancing thing, there will still be plenty of people who will still practice it out of fear. Some will continue to wear masks (even outdoors), some will make sure they remain six feet away from people at all times. Some people will never even shake hands again, let alone hug or kiss someone. Hey, remember how we felt when we were first seeing and hearing about ‘fist bumps’? For me it was watching ‘America’s Got Talent’ and seeing Howie Mandel (a known germaphobe) only fist-bumping people whenever someone wanted to high-five him or shake his hand. I remember thinking that was odd at the time, but it kind of grew and evolved on its own into a new way to greet people. But make no mistake about what it originated from, fear. I cannot visualize a world where people purposely refrain from showing affection toward another human being. I can’t because I know how that goes against everything our higher source, God, STEVLS offers us. We come from love. We are love. It is not natural for us to gravitate away from each other, when Oneness is what keeps us together. WE ARE ONE. We are individualized expressions of one source! What social distancing is doing to Oneness is like having your left arm tell the rest of your body, “I can’t be here right now! Don’t look at me, don’t touch me, and please use your right elbow to sneeze into going forward”. It’s not natural my friends!

I also know that my inalienable and constitutional rights are being compromised. I know that wearing a mask in public is a complete waste of time and does not protect me, or anyone else at all. And my heart breaks for the millions of people who have lost jobs and businesses for absolutely no reason. So, there is a big part of me that is struggling with the anger that this pandemic represents. It is this anger that has led me to take any and all measures to revert back to Oneness, and that starts by sharing this information with one and all. I am also going to post this specific section on my blog page as well to get the information out there.

          You see, I realize that the anger does not serve me. Getting mad at this situation is only hurting me, lowering my vibration, and keeping me away from Oneness. It truly is not doing me an ounce of good. So, when I have a thought about this situation that gets me angered and upset, I change it. I realize that for the time being, there is nothing that I can do that will change the matter at hand. Now I know that sucks, but that’s what I and we have to deal with. I know that I can only control my own thoughts that will dictate how my life responds immediately. I will make a conscious effort to maintain my thoughts and focus, and WHAT SERVES ME BEST! And by that, I mean whatever resonates with me and makes me feel good. That’s all we’re after my friends, is trying to feel good!

          And for my friends in the first camp. You may refute that you are living in fear, but be honest with yourself. If you’d rather wait for a vaccine, that means you’re afraid to re-enter society as it is. That is fear. And if that is how you are truly thinking, I advise you to not let that emotion, that useless emotion become your predominant thought. Because if it does, you will not be doing your body mind and spirit any justice at all. Fear not only weakens your immune system but lowers your current state of vibration. You are not in harmony with your higher source, God, STEVLS, and you actually create ‘dis-ease’ (I have a chapter on FEAR later on in the book). So, you might be asking ‘how do I recognize what I am feeling and thinking as fear?’.  Great question. You do that by listening to your intuition. Those primal gut feelings that we all get. That’s your higher source, God, STEVLS talking to you. Never cast those intuitive feelings aside. It’s those feelings that may nudge you to a different thought regarding the pandemic. Maybe to one of a more cautious approach, as opposed to a fearful one, for you would have to view that as a success. It would be a success because you would immediately ‘feel better’. Much if not all of the fear would be eradicated from your being. Face it, you know how you feel. The nervousness, the unease that you’re experiencing. That is all generated from thoughts that you are thinking. CHANGE THEM! Again, you don’t have to necessarily change your stance on the pandemic, or situation that you’re facing, just change the thoughts that are debilitating. They are not serving you in your best interests. And if you by some chance think that they are, just take close notice to yourself going forward. Notice your sleep and eating patterns. Notice your temperament. You’ll see the signs. Trust me.

          Oneness teaches us that we can only control our thoughts. Our thoughts dictate how we feel. How we feel dictates if our energies and vibrations are being raised or lowered. If our energies and vibrations are being raised or lowered dictates if we are in alignment with our higher source, God, STEVLS, which manifests (or not) the life that we want.

In Oneness, I remain

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