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So, I guess the Pandemic wasn’t enough?

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Are you as baffled as I am? I sure hope so. Because we just spent the last 3 months living in self-isolation, some in quarantine, most of us jobless and all of us dealing with the latest catchphrase ‘social distancing’ whenever we leave our homes. This was, and still is the way of life that has been forced upon us no matter what your beliefs regarding COVID-19 are.

Talk about change!

I know that there are a small minority of folks out there who are ‘fine’ with this (hopefully), temporary way of life, but I have to believe that most of us are still trying to find our way within it. I also have to believe that most of us can’t wait until it’s OVER! And by ‘over’, I don’t mean standing six feet away from the next person ordering a drink at the bar. And I don’t mean passing someone on the street who is still wearing a facemask.


So, it’s you that I want to address. Those who, like me are praying for the day when we get back to normal. The ‘real normal’. The Pre-COVID normal. These past months have been a strain on all of us. I’m not going to get into a debate on whether or not the pandemic was a hoax or not. Or if you believe that we should have reopened our country sooner. That’s not the intention of this blog. I just want us all to take a moment to reflect on the way our lives have changed because of this pandemic, no matter what your belief on the issue is.

We have all experienced a dramatic change in our lives!

So, then we witness an atrocity on the news. A murder in plain sight. A man pleading to a police officer who has his knee jammed into the man’s throat, and he cannot breathe. The man who subsequently died from this injury is black, and the police officer is white. We have seen this story play out far too many times in our recent history. So, as we are all trying to process yet another incident that takes our breath away. One that crushes our very soul. What do we do? How do we as a society respond? Can you blame those who scream out in rage over this? Absolutely not. Many of us say that it goes beyond being a ‘black lives matter’ issue, because all lives matter, and that is true. BUT. Not all lives have to deal with these issues ever, if at all.

I have never had a knee to my throat, literally or figuratively.

So, because of that, I don’t feel I have the right to say that ‘All Lives Matter’ in the context of this latest incident. So, how does society respond? What measures can we take that will finally put an end to such acts? My first response and the response of many I’m sure is to have what they call a ‘peaceful protest’. And when I entertain that notion, I laugh. I actually LOL! I’m 59 years old. I was very young when Dr. King walked the streets for racial equality and justice. He held peaceful protests, as have millions of others since then. But let’s be honest.

Have ‘Peaceful Protests’ changed anything at all over time?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! I believe that the plight for racial harmony and justice has fallen purposely on deaf ears. I don’t think that peaceful marches and protests do anything to help the bottom-line cause and as a human, that shames me. It’s a fucking embarrassment that in 2020 we still have to deal with such issues. It pains my very soul. But what pains me, even more, are the actions of those who choose to loot and destroy. These individuals take advantage of an atrocity like a man being murdered to create havoc. They don’t do it in honor of George Floyd. They’re vandalizing society and damaging this man’s legacy. AND FOR WHAT? To raise awareness? The only awareness acts like that raise shows that they are animals. What about the store owner who had a hard enough time getting through a COVID shutdown, only to have his store looted and demolished? Are they assuming that this owner had something to do with George Floyd’s death? That store owner most likely had as much sympathy over the situation as anyone. And now look at what he’s left with. Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?

So, I guess the Pandemic wasn’t enough.

Dealing with all that the pandemic forced upon our way of life really wasn’t enough to be concerned with. Seeing and realizing the loss of a man for no reason wasn’t enough either. We now have to deal with chaos, mayhem, and fear in our cities and towns across America.

I really hated writing this blog. It tugs at my soul, and not in a good way. As much as I talk and preach about Oneness, this world of ours makes it more difficult with each passing day. To that I’d like to say ‘Fuck you very much’, but I won’t. Because for each and every asshole out there taking the law into his or her own hands and destroying personal property, there are millions of us out there who hold on to the fabric of humanity. For as Dr. King said:

“Hate cannot drive out darkness. Only love can”

Love is the fabric of humanity. And love stems from Oneness. The knowing that we are inherently connected at our very core as both physical and spiritual beings. We’re out there! You know who you are and I give thanks to you every single day. So, as agitated as I’ve just become, I’m over it. I can’t harbor the anger these cowardice incidents make me feel. It doesn’t serve me in any way, shape, or form. I know who I am. I know what I am, and I remain steadfast in the words that Dr. King bestowed upon us all. Because that remains our only solution.

In Oneness


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