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Sunshine + Angelic Orb = MY MOM!

Hello my friends in Oneness!

First I would like to say ‘Thank You’ for the kind birthday wishes. I truly appreciate it!

I celebrated my 60th birthday in Bellevue, Washington which is right outside of Seattle. My brother and his wife were amazing hosts for myself, Andrea and my Dad. The sightseeing, meals, laughter and family love were all in high gear as we all had a blast just being together. But if I had to single out one highlight, it would be the video you see attached.

Andrea and I always make it a point to take ‘walks’ whenever we‘re traveling. Close to my brothers home is a beautiful park, very appropriately called ‘SpiritRidge Park’. As Andrea and I took our walk around 6 am on the morning of my birthday I decided to video the absolute beauty of the trail we were on. While recording, I took notice to how the Sun seemed to find its way through the trees to shine right on me. As you’ll see, as soon as I said that, I noticed an Orb floating across the screen of my phone!

I called out to Andrea to show her as we were both mesmerized by this event!


I cannot describe the euphoria that filled my heart. I knew my Mom was going to be with her family during this special celebration. I was feeling her presence throughout the trip. But to see her come shining through in all of her glory simply took my breath away!

“Thank you Mom I love you!”


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