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Take Comfort, in Oneness

Hello, my friends in Oneness

OK, so this blog is all about COMFORT! Take a good look at the cover photo. Yes, that is me snoozing big time. But let's look closer. Notice how the comforter is properly positioned over my shoulder, whilst conveniently tucked underneath my chin providing optimal warmth and comfort! Yes, I take pride in the level of snoozing that I've attained over the years (just ask Andrea). I guess I can relate it to 37 years of waking up at 4:30 am? But, needless to say, I do love a good nap and a good snooze. I especially love the level of comfort that I 'intentionally' seek. You see, I don't just look to close my eyes, and shut it down. I look to revel in the comfort that my body and whole being will experience as a direct result, for I truly take comfort in snoozing! So,

"How can we attain this level of comfort in Oneness?"

And to that question, I respond with this. During the days of your life, Oneness needs to be a 'KNOWING', not just a belief, and here's why. To attain that aforementioned level of comfort, there can be no denying, and absolutely no doubt within your being. You cannot simply 'believe' that you are Oneness, and that you come from Oneness. The reason for that is that there is a big difference between a 'belief', and a 'KNOWING'. Here's how I like to address this:

BELIEF: Has a degree of doubt associated with it.

KNOWING: An internal conviction. There is no doubt.

Here's an example that I've used over the years. I haven't been on a bicycle in decades, but if one magically appeared right now in front of me, I wouldn't 'believe' I could ride the bike, I would 'KNOW' that I could ride the bike. Do you see the difference? I have an internal conviction, a 'KNOWING' that I could ride the bike without any shred of doubt.

This is the degree to which Oneness must reside within your life and within your being. This 'KNOWING' provides the level of comfort we should all look to attain. We can't have any doubt or uncertainty when it comes to Oneness. This is how we can relax in our lives, and know the truth that Oneness represents. We come from greatness. We come from perfection. We come from abundance. We are never alone.

'Take Comfort, in Oneness'

That Oneness Guy

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