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The damage is already done

Hello, my friends in Oneness,

    It's Tuesday, August 26, 2020. I'm listening to a very popular New Jersey morning radio talk show (The Dennis & Judy Show on NJ101.5fm). The hosts a posing a COVID related question to their listeners along the lines of; 

'When do you think people will get back to normal?'

First, I want to say that I agree with their specific opinion on this matter. Both Dennis and Judy, and the host that precedes their show, Bill Spadea have shared their thoughts and opinions on this pandemic and have not wavered, and I appreciate that. They all believe that the pandemic has run its course, and for us to still be wearing masks and approaching this event, and our day to day lives from a fear-based mentality is the real tragedy. 

    So, when I first heard them ask the question 'when do you think people will get back to normal', I shook my head. I shook my head in sadness, because although I consider myself an eternal optimist, the more I walk through this mask-filled world of ours, the more I realize the unfortunate truth that the title of this blog represents. And that is that:

The damage is already done

Here's a hypothetical situation for you to consider. Imagine if the powers that be, chose to send a unified, global message informing the world that:

  1. The Coronavirus is COMPLETELY OVER!

  2. It can NEVER come back!

  3. We can all return back to life as we knew it 'pre-COVID'

Do you think society would return to normal? As much as I would love it to, when I am honest with myself I just don't see it happening. And that is why I say 'The damage is already done'. The fear that gripped our world during this event put far too much of a stranglehold on an already weak society. People were introduced to a fear that they never experienced before. They completely succumbed to the bombardment of information we all received, and never for a moment considered the only control that any of us have regarding ANY crisis. And that is the power of our own mind and the capabilities of our own bodies. 

   I remember hearing the term 'Sheeple' some months ago in the height of this pandemic. The connotation that it symbolizes saddened me. It saddened me because as someone who speaks and writes about Oneness, I've come to know the truths that Oneness embodies. Simple truths like, 

  • Our lives are a direct correlation to our thoughts. And we control our thoughts

  • Our bodies are magnificent vehicles, designed to protect us

  • There is no such thing as fear. There are only fearful thoughts

So, when I saw such a large population, just 'following the herd' if you may, it only confirmed my belief that society, in general, is plain scared to death over this thing. And even if they were told that everything is fine, they most likely will still carry that fear. They will still wear masks, and chances are will never go into a restaurant. Concerts and festivals? forget it! How about a Giants game at MetLife Stadium with 70,000 screaming fans!

    You get my point. I pray that I'm wrong. I pray that the mindset of these fearful individuals will revert back to what they knew. We are all Oneness. We come from a source of love and it is our birthright to congregate and celebrate life and love.

"To gather is our nature. It is the fabric of our very essence.  May we never lose touch with that founding element of Oneness"

That Oneness Guy 'Find Pollyann'  (the COVID response)

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2 Kommentare

That Oneness Guy
That Oneness Guy
27. Aug. 2020

Amen to that my friend!😊🙏🏻

Gefällt mir

Caroline Chang
27. Aug. 2020

Dear Danny,

My plumber came by the other day and made a statement something like "When things get back to normal...", I said to him, "Things have NEVER been normal". And he agreed with my statement. Here is what I mean when I say things have NEVER been normal. Normal to me is a world with no war, no poverty, no hunger, no homeless, no crime, no cruelty, no pollution, and no inequality. YES, the old world is coming to an end and this is a very good thing. The old must break down for the New Earth to be built. The New Earth will be a world of Peace, Love, Equality, the 5D New Earth will be Heaven on Earth!…

Gefällt mir
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