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The Essence of Valentine’s Day is Oneness

Hello, my friends,

As we embark on Valentines Day our thoughts are naturally on love. Well, for much of the world I’ll say. Even those who are not in a relationship will still feel the ancillary effect that Valentines Day spills over into our daily lives. Which got me to thinking. Isn’t that essence that makes up Valentines Day an element of Oneness? And not just any element, but a predominant fixture of Oneness? For those who have read the book, you know that the word ‘love’ is a component of ‘STEVLS’. And for those who haven’t read the book (yet), I use the acronym STEVLS to describe exactly what we are: Spirit, Thought, Energy, Vibration, Love, Soul. These six words are interchangeable and represent what we are at our very core, and ‘love’ is part of that.

There are many ways that people define and relate to love. In most cases, I believe they’re all right. How do you define love? Chances are you said something that relates to a feeling you’ve had maybe once or maybe every day. Maybe that feeling was directed toward a spouse, a sibling, a parent, a child, or your God. I don’t think there can be a wrong definition of the word love, because it’s so personal.

But as it pertains to Oneness and what we truly are as one aspect of STEVLS, love as a whole needs to be considered as an addition to those feelings of affection toward another person. That same warmth when we see a newborn child or the reason we cry at the loss of a parent. Both are generated from love, but Oneness is the source of that love. It is the reason we get those feelings and the reason we smile internally and our hearts become filled with an emotion that’s hard to describe. Love is our identity. It is an energy that permeates one and all and truly does ‘make the world go round’. But because we are taking part in the physical journey here on earth, we associate love more with the physical feeling we get-the heart flutters (in a good way), the happiness, the joy. But it represents so much more my friends. When you consider love as the energy that it is, you realize that it represents our makeup. It is the very essence of what we are. Love is. Just Love.

So, to my beautiful wife Andrea, my step-daughter Alexandra, my sisters Angela and Micaela and to my sisters-in-law and my many cousins and dear friends…

Happy Valentines Day

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