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The Power of “I AM”

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

This quick clip from my guru Dr. Wayne Dyer reaffirms the benefits and the power behind the words ‘I Am’. My book has a chapter dedicated to how and why we should use these words to lift us spiritually, which directly affects our lives in general.

In short, just know that many religions today refer to God as ‘I Am’ (Remember “I Am that I Am?) So, if ‘I Am’ is the name of God, it becomes really important to monitor whatever we choose to follow those two words with! And that is because what follows the name of God becomes a declaration! This is why we should be in the habit of saying phrases like:

”I Am healthy” “I Am prosperous” and most importantly “I Am God”. This is why I added this video from Wayne Dyer. Listen to how he addresses this topic (it takes only 20 seconds).

And if you’re new to Oneness in general, and believe that saying the phrase ‘I am God’ is blasphemous, read what I posted below the video. All of this information is discussed in great detail in my first book of Oneness:

”I Am God” (and so are you my friend)

A Common Man’s Guide to Oneness

(available wherever you buy books, or at

In Oneness

’That Oneness Guy’

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