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The Time is Now for ONENESS

Hello there,

Just a quick note here for my friends in Oneness. My recent podcast and blog have touched upon the importance of our choices. Basically, because they are ours to make, and our choices will determine what kind of life we live individually and in turn the lives we all lead collectively (If you’re new to Oneness and want to know ‘how’, please check out my early podcasts).

if there ever was a time for Oneness, it will be over the next few weeks. We will experience inevitable changes that will challenge us like we’ve never been challenged before (and to think that 2020 wasn’t hard enough!) So, as your friendly neighborhood ‘TOG’ it is my job to remind you once again that:

  1. You come first

If you don’t take care of yourself, it’s for sure that no one else will. You must place your own peace of mind above everyone and everything. If that sounds selfish, so be it.

  1. Change comes from within

Remember that if you aspire for any kind of change, it ONLY comes from within. Don’t talk about change. BE THE CHANGE

  1. You can only control your own thoughts

I’ve said this hundreds of times and I’ll say it again. We can only control the thoughts that we have each and every day. These thousands of daily thoughts directly impact our days, our lives and in turn the world on a collective basis. So, by all means, do not allow thoughts that are negative or harmful in nature to take up residence in your head. We cannot control the shit that’s going on around us. So don’t give it the consent that so many of us do. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that has occurred and will occur in your life is a direct correlation to your thoughts! Take control!

Change is coming my friends. Regardless of whether you‘re in alignment or not with that change, it does not have to negatively impact your being. Your peace. Your Oneness. Control Your Thoughts.

In Oneness

’That Oneness Guy’

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