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To Weed, or Not to Weed?

Hello, my friends in Oneness,

Just yesterday, Andrea said that it was about time I go and weed out the garden. As you can see from the picture above, it was quite a chore! We had weeds as tall as 5 feet!

When I first assessed the situation, I immediately said 'screw this'! But just at that moment, I had a 'Oneness revelation'. I asked myself this simple question:

"What if this task introduces me to a level of peace that I've never experienced before?"

And wouldn't you know it...IT DID!

With each weed that I tugged at, I found myself being more at ease, more relaxed, and actually looking forward to pulling out the next one! As I immersed myself further into the task I lost track of time and anything else that was occupying my mind. I was resonating with the energy of cleaning out our garden and preparing it for the next phase of planting vegetables. It was in fact, Oneness!

So, my point is this. We never know what level of joy, love, and peace (Oneness) might come from ANY task that we face. If I had walked away after I said 'screw this' I would've missed out on the blessing that I got to experience. Life always comes back to the choices that we make (or don't). So, when you're embarking upon a task, a job, or just something out of the ordinary, take a moment to consider the possibilities that you might experience. It might be breathtaking! It might relax you. It might be the single greatest thing you've ever done! And, for the naysayers, it might not. But you'll never know if you walk away.

So, take that moment, just before you decide one way or another. Breathe, and choose.

(By the way, here is the end result of my weeding!)

In Oneness,

That Oneness Guy

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