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We Can Learn So Much From Our Little Ones

Hello my friends in Oneness,

You know when you have a dream just before you wake up in the morning? The details of the dream are fresh and vivid, but as you continue to wake up, the dream dissipates quickly. This is because we're leaving the spiritual realm and reentering our consciousness. This makes sense to us as we understand the premise.

"That same premise applies to our infants and toddlers too!"

They come here from a spiritual realm and remain attached to that essence in many ways. Have you ever noticed a toddler having a conversation with 'an imaginary friend'? There's nothing imaginary about it at all. What happens to that gift that our children naturally have is that we as parents get in the way. We naturally (but also unfortunately) look to protect our children by introducing the ideology of 'separation' to our children to keep them safe. Like I said, it's natural for us as parents to protect our young. That's what our parents did to us. I get it. What I'm getting at is this:

"We can still protect our children without instilling that ideology of separation"

Knowing that our youngest ones are still very much connected to their higher self, their spirit, their God, their Oneness, we can embrace that connection! We can allow them to hold on to that connection as long as possible (instead of having it dissipate like the memories of our dreams do). The longer that our children have access to their inherent birthright, the longer they will stay connected to source. This in turn can only benefit their lives as they grow older.

So, to the parents and grandparents out there, take a moment with your little loved ones. Allow them to hold on to that connection to source (to God). You will always keep them safe, that is not the issue. Just 'Allow'.

'That Oneness Guy'

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