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"We only have, RIGHT NOW!"

Hello, my friends in Oneness,

It's been a little over a month since my last venture into 'blogdom', and I figured it was time to jump back in! And, with that said, I want to reiterate the importance of:

Living in the Moment

I find it odd that so many of us (yours truly included), still need to be reminded of this popular, yet mostly forgotten mantra. I totally understand 'why' we need to be reminded. Our lives are a barrage of deadlines, timelines, hopes, dreams, and 'to-do' lists. We find ourselves constantly looking ahead at either what could be, what we hope will be, or what we expect will be. Today's society has us mesmerized by what we believe will be, and take place in 'our future'. But, Oneness and the spiritual world in general would like to subtly remind us all that in the 'real reality', there is no such thing as the future, because as we know,

Everything that has happened, and will happen, is happening RIGHT NOW!

Now, as hard as this might be for some folks to come to terms with, there are beneficial reasons why 'living in the moment', and 'we only have, RIGHT NOW!' have become such popular mantras. But before I dive into that, I don't want to assume that everyone is on board with the notion that 'there is no such thing as the future'. Understanding that man created time helps us immensely in this conversation. When we take 'time' off the table, the reality of an eternal now becomes much easier to grasp. So, without getting into a philosophical debate about the existence of time, let us assume we're on the same page (the spiritual one).

The benefits of knowing: 'We only have, RIGHT NOW!"

OK, let's cut right to the chase! When we know, that all we have is this precious moment of Now, does worrying about anything make any sense? I'll answer that for you. "NO". This knowledge naturally takes the useless emotion of worrying out of our lives for good. We learn how truly important 'living in the moment' really is because everything is happening NOW!. We learn the importance of monitoring our thoughts because we know that our thoughts lead to our feelings, and our feelings lead to vibrations, and vibrations lead to how and what we manifest in our lives, so we think good thoughts, NOW! We don't put off ANYTHING in life because it's all happening NOW! We don't assume that we'll feel good at some point, we make it a commitment to feel good NOW! We don't take anything for granted. We appreciate this life and all that it is presenting to us right now in this very moment.

I've always said that, one of the main reasons I speak about Oneness, is to help remove stress from our lives. I just wrote this blog because I needed to remind myself that worrying about something in my alleged future is a waste of... energy (notice, I didn't say 'time').

In Oneness,


'That Oneness Guy'

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