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"We PRAY to Reconnect" (not for favors)

Hello my friends in Oneness, With the release of my new book (see below), I haven't blogged in a while and wanted to get involved with a topic that I touched upon with a recent post on social media. It's regarding how we PRAY. Specifically, whom we believe we are praying to, and why.

This past Thursday, I was in the hospital. As a side effect of the immunotherapy I've recently been taking, I've had a bad case of double vision and migraines for over a month. Although a CT scan of my head was clear, my team wanted to see an MRI of my brain, which was taken and they kept me overnight as I wouldn't hear the results until the next day. So, as I tried to sleep, I ran through a litany of 'what if's'. But due to my humanness, it was difficult for me to deal with this from a Oneness perspective until I heard the results. I was scared and nervous, to say the least. I proceeded to do what we all do at times like this. I prayed to God (and my Mom) for help to the effect of "Please give me good results tomorrow". So, the results of my brain MRI came back all clear the next morning! (Fuckin A!)

So, my prayers were answered, or were they?

We all pray for help, assistance, and divine intervention, but there is none, and never will be. It is our nature to pray in this fashion. Hell, I did it last night out of habit! But as I settled down with the result of my good news, I once again saw my life clearly. I know that there is no divine intrusion in our lives. That would be judgmental. Your God, our God, my God, will not step in and heal me or you and not others. That's the part of 'Free Will' that many of us don't like to hear. But we're all raised believing that if we pray hard enough, we may see the results that we're hoping for. We PRAY to Reconnect (not for favors)

I've preached ad nauseam that we are beings of energy. Prayer is as powerful an energy as we could imagine and helps us immensely, just not in the ways that we were taught to believe. When we pray, we're just connecting to our higher source (God, Soul, Spirit, whatever) as a measure to raise our vibration. Asking for anything is moot. There is no intervention. What we call 'God' is not a vending machine. He/She/It does not grant favors to some and not others. We pray solely to lift our energy in hopes to spend more of our days vibrating at levels closer to what benefits us most! When we vibrate higher, that's when life and the Law of Attraction flow to us naturally. We feel better, we feel energized, life events change in our favor, we get that job, we meet that girl, and we get the good news from the doctor we were hoping for. I know it's hard to break lifelong habits. Especially one as personal as the way you pray. What helps us to better understand this truth is this: Stop picturing God as a 'noun' (a person, place, or thing).

This is what makes you believe that God is outside of you, and capable of granting favors. God is an energy. A 'verb' if you may.

Residing within you, as you are just an extension of that energy.

In Oneness,

Danny 'That Oneness Guy'

my new book is now available!

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