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When Scientific Minds Discover Oneness!

Hello, my friends,

Thanks to a cousin of mine who shared with me an article with a headline that reads:

Study: Having Strong Sense Of ‘Oneness’ Linked To Greater Life Satisfaction

I absolutely LOVE when I see stories like this! I even dedicated a few pages in my book to it. And that’s because there is a very large part of our population that does not believe in Oneness because it lacks scientific proof (allegedly).  So, of course, when I find and read stories that support the claims of Oneness within the realms of science, I post and share them immediately!

If you click on the link above and read the story, you’ll see that it reveals the results of a study done at the University of Mannheim in Germany (love me some good old German science! thank you for the #BodyScan). Here is an excerpt:

“The feeling of being at one with a divine principle, life, the world, other people or even activities has been discussed in various religious traditions but also in a wide variety of scientific research from different disciplines,” explains the study’s author, Laura Marie Edinger-Schons, PhD, of the University of Mannheim, in a statement. “The results of this study reveal a significant positive effect of oneness beliefs on life satisfaction, even controlling for religious beliefs.”

For her study, Edinger-Schons used data from nearly 75,000 people in Germany who took part in one of two surveys. The first survey involved more than 7,000 participants who rated various concepts related to oneness and their belief in statements, such as, “I believe that everything in the world is based on a common principle,” or “Everything in the world is interdependent and influenced by each other.” Concepts considered by participants included things like connectedness, empathy, and life satisfaction. She found that people who had higher levels of oneness reported significantly greater life satisfaction.

The article goes into much further detail, but the results clearly showed that understanding the concept of Oneness is clearly linked to greater satisfaction of life. Those who know me know that I don’t need any additional proof, scientific or not, to confirm what I know is my birthright. But, I understand how many of you out there might look for more data to support these claims. And if you’re one of them, I leave you with the image I’m posting below. It’s a quote from none other than Albert Einstein. One of the greatest scientific minds of all time. It’s the quote that I reference in my book for very specific reasons. First, because his words are so poetically beautiful, but really to address the people who need scientific proof.

And along those lines, I don’t think there’s anyone bigger that ALBERT EINSTEIN!


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