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When you hear "You have Cancer" (like I just did)

Hello my friends,

I struggled for a while deciding if this kind of information was something that I wanted to go 'public' with at all. I mean, when you're told that you have cancer, you think about things like that. You don't want to feel like you're looking for pity and sympathy, and you sure as hell don't want to keep that stuff locked up inside where it does nothing but fester and add to the illness. So, before I get into my story, I want to tell you 'why' I'm going public.

First, because I truly know of the 'Power of Prayer'. I know that people in general, especially family and friends, upon hearing my news will offer their love and support through prayer. We know that we are spiritual beings comprised of energy, and those loving thoughts and prayers will definitely reach me. I want that energy! I'm receptive towards it, and I embrace it all because in this new journey I need and accept anything that will help me keep my energy and vibrations as high as possible.

Next, because there is always the chance that my story might reach someone who is embarking on a difficult time as well, and I might be able to help that person in their time of need. And honestly, I can think of no better way to be in service then to help someone (as I am being helped). So, with that said, if you or someone you know is going through or embarking upon their own journey through cancer, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Here's what happened...

About a month ago, I was diagnosed with throat cancer. As one would expect, upon hearing those words, I went numb. The spirituality that I have grown and nurtured for about forty years left me instantly and I found myself under an avalanche of fear. I'm only 60 years old, I'm in really good shape, I have so much more that I want to accomplish in life, but most importantly, I cannot fathom leaving the woman I love.

When the initial life bomb subsided to a degree, and with the love and support from my wife, my father and siblings, I decided to visit another specialist for a much needed second opinion. This doctor was far more efficient and professional than my prior two doctors, and explained my diagnosis in a much clearer and proficient manner. He was fairly optimistic that I could get beyond this ordeal in about one years time. But, and this is a really big 'but', he said that I would need radiation, chemotherapy, and most likely a feeding tube.


I totally glazed over upon hearing that prognosis. My wife said that my expression was almost comical! I mean, a feeding tube? WTF! Obviously, that would be needed because after the radiation blasts away half of my throat, I probably won't be able to nourish myself in the way of eating or drinking. My friends, I need my throat to be able to speak. I teach a student during the day, I sing as a performer, I record podcasts, and I speak publicly. I NEED MY VOICE! Andrea and I left that consultation knowing that prognosis was not going to be our route of choice.

You may not know this, but aside from my spiritual practice of Oneness, Andrea and I have been under the care of a homeopathic practitioner and chiropractor for about twenty years. Through this time, we have remained healthy, holistically and physically aligned, and vibrant. We have adopted the Chiropractic creed that says:

"The Powers that Made the Body, Heal the Body. It happens no other way"

When I combine this mantra along with what many spiritual masters and messengers have shared regarding the inherent powers of our magnificent bodies, I started to regain my faith. I know that no matter what we might face, our bodies have the capacity to restore the optimal health that we emanated from and is our birthright. The very fact that a scraped knee begins to form a scab within a few days is proof. Proof that our bodies are manufactured to heal themselves. The problem, is that we've grown away from that truth. We no longer trust in our very nature, the same nature that allows trees to sprout buds after a long dormant winter.

Many have lost touch with Oneness, but I have not.

So, back to my story. I made an immediate appointment with my practitioner, and after a two and a half hour visit including Bionetics testing to identify imbalances in the body, and a holistic approach to restore and balance the body through homeopathy, I knew I had a plan that most importantly resonated with my higher self. I opted, at least initially, to go within. To allow the spiritual essence that I've nurtured for 40 years to be the guiding light on my return to wellness. I decided to combine what serves my highest purpose along with my intuitive guidance, a holistic and homeopathic regiment, and a strict change in my diet. What I found out right away, was that the physical side of my new journey will be much easier to navigate than the emotional and mental obstacles I now face.

"Where the mind goes, the body follows"

I'm sure if you ask any Cancer survivor, or someone currently living through Cancer, they'll confirm that trying to control your thoughts is the most difficult of tasks. I myself, agree. As a messenger of Oneness, I know of the importance of our thoughts. I know that 'what we think about expands'. I know that our thoughts lead to our feelings, and that our feelings determine what manifests in our lives. I KNOW THIS! But with that said, I still fall prey to the fear that unfortunately comes associated with any Cancer. I mean, how can you not? Our society has developed an unhealthy and scary mindset to associate Cancer with, that is naturally very tough to get beyond. But as Cancer patients, we must! We can follow the directions of any prognosis to perfection, but if the mind is not healthy, it will not work. We cannot have our minds flooded with fearful thoughts and expect our bodies to heal.

I assembled one hell of a team!

With full knowing that there is strength in numbers, I put together 'Team Danny'. This team is headed up by none other than my wife, my Andrea. She is most definitely the Captain as it is a role no one else could take on. She is my shoulder to cry on, my confident, my love, my encouragement and most of all my strength. The measures she has taken already is mind-boggling! Between constant research on the internet, YouTube videos, shopping at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, phone calls on my behalf, EVERYTHING! I'm also blessed to have Reiki and Chios Masters, a Radical Remission Certified Instructor. I am also seeking guidance regarding acupuncture, psychotherapy, and I have just started EFT tapping sessions. All of this coupled with an incredibly loving and supporting family, and an absolute abundance of loving friends and colleagues.

So, why did this happen to me?

There are some folks who believe that an illness like cancer, or any illness, is just a matter of bad luck. To that I would say, first of all, there is no such thing as 'luck', be it good or bad. We experience results based upon our connection to source or not. And with that said, when I consider why I have cancer, I know that it stems directly from a lack of connection to my source, my higher self. My God. So, now you might be wondering, 'How could a man who preaches Oneness, not be connected to his higher source?' Great question. To answer I would say by allowing negative energies I have dealt with my entire life to persist. And in my case, unfortunately it is FEAR.

I have dealt with fear, in one form or another my entire life. I won't go into what specific fears I've been dealing with. Just know that they're not out of the ordinary per se. Many people have the same fears and deal with them in their own way. I've always thought that I had them under control to an extent, but as I grew within my spirituality, I realized that I had not. And for those who do not know, fear as with any negative emotion, if harbored long enough makes our bodies break down, both spiritually on an energetic level and physically on a cellular level. This is what happened to me. The negative energies block positive energies from entering my being, which over time weakened healthy cells that allowed my cancer to manifest. By no means was this just happenstance. I allowed it, as do we all. Our bodies break down in the many forms that they can when we are not aligned with source.

If I brought it on through lack of alignment, I can reverse it with alignment.

As I now move forward, I will carry many mantras with me: 'Food is Medicine', 'Embrace the Cancer', 'Fear cannot live where Love resides', 'I Am Well', 'My cells will Replenish and Repair' to name a few. But I know full well, that unless I am producing thoughts of health, love, positivity and strength, treatments of any kind won't work. That's how important our thoughts truly are. Which is why another mantra is 'Where the mind goes, the body follows' as I mentioned earlier. I know that I have the capacity to do this. But I need to find exactly how I can RELEASE MY SUPRESSED EMOTIONS! This is key to my recovery. In doing this I will allow the positive energies to reenter my being, and speed up my recovery.


I've posted my music video of 'Find Pollyanna' in hopes that you might benefit from it's message. I wrote this song back in 2008 not knowing if I would ever be facing what the song is about. Lo and behold, now I am. If you or someone you know is dealing with cancer, and needs to talk, please reach out.

In Oneness,


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Rohit Parthasarathy
Rohit Parthasarathy
Jan 14, 2022

Wish you well brother! Sending prayers and blessings your way.


That Oneness Guy
That Oneness Guy
Jan 14, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much my brother in Oneness!!



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