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Why do we voluntarily, avoid Love?

Hello, my friends in Oneness, and Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and that you got to share it with the ones you love.

Let me tell you upfront, that the topic of this blog is about our 'feelings'. I'll address the meaning behind the title as I delve a little deeper into our feelings, and why they're so important to us.

In terms of Oneness, you've heard me say that, if it is our thoughts that create what we manifest in our lives, then it is our 'feelings' that determine how quickly (or not) those manifestations reveal themselves. Like many of you, I'm a huge fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza. If you follow his work, you know that he describes this topic in the following manner. He says that "Thoughts are the electrical charge in the quantum field, and Feelings are the magnetic charge in the quantum field". I love this passage as it helps us visualize what we are feeling as actually being pulled towards us magnetically.

So, then it becomes a question of what do we actually want to be feeling. Well, that's simple enough. Of course, we want to be feeling 'good', right? Take a quick second to review everything that makes you feel good. Go ahead. I'll wait. (I waited about a minute). OK, I'm sure you nailed all the basics: family, friends, work (maybe), having fun, laughing, love, making love, music, art, smiling, sunny days, beautiful nights, and beauty. I know there are many more, but you got the point. So, now, here's my next question to you:

Why do these examples all make you feel good?

And the answer is that they all resonate with your higher self, your God, and Oneness. They all represent the essence of that which we emanated from, and that essence is LOVE. When we are feeling good, the joy that we feel in our hearts, that lifts us both spiritually and energetically is nothing more than a reminder. It reminds us of where we are from, and that this is how we're SUPPOSED TO BE FEELING! Feeling good is just another way of experiencing love, and love is the paramount feeling that we all should be looking to attain. Don't be one to just associate love as something you share with another person. Yes, that is a part of it, but it encompasses so much more. Love is every one of those examples I referenced above, and every other one that you thought of as well.

Now, here's where the title of this blog comes into play. If we now know that our lives are based on how and what we are feeling, and we also know that 'feeling good' is a direct connection to our higher source, which is love. And because of free will, we have the opportunity to pick and choose how we think, and eventually feel, then....

Why do we voluntarily, avoid Love?

In Oneness,


(That Oneness Guy)

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