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With Oneness ‘How may I serve?’ comes naturally

Today was one of those days. You know the kind, or I sincerely hope that you do or will experience in the near future. A day when you realize that your efforts to spread peace, or in my case ‘Oneness’ does not fall on deaf ears. I received a voice mail from a long time friend that I don’t, unfortunately, get to see quite enough. On the message he said that he just needed to ‘hear some oneness’ as he put it. And he asked if I could give him a call. When I called my friend back we had a great talk centered around what was troubling him. I will refrain from going into the details for his privacy, but let’s just say that it’s an issue most of us will face to one degree or another in our lives. We spoke for a good half hour. We discussed how coming to terms with Oneness helps not just the issue at hand, but with all the problems we face in life.  It was a very light-hearted talk, and the conversation even got to the point where we were laughing over stories from our past!

So, what’s my point?

My point is this. My friend reached out to me because he knows me. He knows who and what I am and what guides me. He knows that I come from Oneness. We stay in touch mainly through social media so I know to some degree how he’s doing and I make a point to reach out periodically. That’s all well and good for this scenario, but how can we all benefit from this mantra of ‘service’? Easily. With Oneness. As you’ll come to see, the more of an understanding you get from Oneness, you’ll find that the phrase ‘how may I serve?’ becomes as inherent as Oneness itself. I speak a lot of the choices we get to make each and every day. We all know that throughout any given day, one of those choices might start out with a question like this: “Gee, I wonder how Aunt Marie is doing? I know she hasn’t been feeling well. I should give her a call”. And then 9 out of 10 times you don’t make that call. Our ego steps in the way and gives us a dozen or so reasons why you shouldn’t, so you don’t. But the more you understand the connection to one and all that Oneness provides, the more naturally you will start to act. And it’s not to win points with anyone, you just act accordingly to your inner/higher self. It just feels right. And then, as you move on with your life from a foundation of Oneness, you start to see blessings. The blessing of someone reaching out to you in a time of need. And folks, there is no greater feeling in the world than knowing that you’ve helped someone.

In Oneness,


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