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You are THE ARTIST. The canvas is YOUR LIFE. What are you painting?

Hey folks,

This past week I took a page right out of the 'Andrea handbook'. I added the 'Audible' app to my phone which means I can now listen to books on my commute to and from school each day. Because Andrea is on the road so much for her design and staging business, she has been taking full advantage of Audible and has listened to literally, hundreds of books throughout the years. And I must say that after my first week, I can see why as I've already completed two books!

Since I've most recently been watching and listening to videos from Spiritual Author Esther Hicks, I decided to start my Audible crusade with one of her early books called:

You can click on the link to take you to the Amazon page for the book if you'd like. I selected this book because it is where she initiates the teachings of her spirit guide known as 'Abraham'. I highly advise you to check it out because the Law of Attraction is what operates our universe. You've heard me reference it over the years in my podcasts, blogs, vlogs and most recently my books of Oneness. If you're not familiar with it, I can summarize it simply by saying that you attract what you think about. Whether you deem your thoughts as good or bad (and those are just judgments), you inevitably experience what you think about. But like with every book that I've ever revisited, I grasped on to something that I missed the first time around, or maybe it just didn't resonate with me how I needed it to. And that is exactly what happened this past week.

"What do YOU want?"

When I heard Abraham emphatically say 'What do YOU want?' it hit me like a wrecking ball (thank you Miley Cyrus). Abraham said these words when informing the listener of just how powerful the Law of Attraction is. And that got me to thinking.

So many of us just go through the motions of daily life. I get it. Life's hard enough as it is. We've come to a point that we just pray that we can pay the bills, stay healthy, keep a roof over our head and food on our table. But when we think and act along those lines, we're giving up on the creativity that we have, have had, and always will have. And that is the fact that WE CAN CREATE WHATEVER WE WANT! Because of The Law of Attraction, we can bring to us anything that we desire. Yes, most of us laugh at a notion like that, and that is sad my friends. We think it's impossible. But it is not. When you come to understand Oneness and the fact that we are energetic, spiritual beings, it makes perfect sense. We choose to come here into this life form because we know that truth at our spiritual essence. But because everything in life from our earliest of ages teaches us differently, we get further and further away from that truth. That's how fucked up we are. But when you hear a spirit guide like Abraham confirm a truth like this, it makes you wonder. It definitely made me wonder why I haven't been thinking along these lines my entire life! And as the 'Artist' that I am, I chose to use this teaching in such terms.

Whether you believe it or not. We are all artists. Painters if you may. Each and every day we get the blessed opportunity to paint whatever we want on the canvas that we call 'our life'. So, let me ask you:

"What are you painting today?"

'That Oneness Guy'

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